Thursday morning I was packing, and getting ready to go to my mom’s house. She has a hurt foot, and my stepdad was going on a fishing trip, so I wanted to help her out.

While drinking my morning coffee I visited with BJ for a little bit, because he was going into work late. I finished packing up the car, and we left the house at about the same time.

I drove over to another town to meet my dear friend Rachel. She had her 2 year old daughter and her mother-in-law with her. We met at Moe’s, and my diet went off the rails for that meal. I had a yummy bowl with rice, black beans, tofu, mushrooms, onions, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole, and a little shredded cheese. I also ate chips and their tomatillo salsa. It was so great to see them. Rachel is about to give birth to her second daughter. I originally met Rachel through the church we used to attend. She moved closer to where she grew up, and I don’t get to see her very often anymore. She’s a busy RN at the hospital and a mom, so life is pretty busy. Her mother-in-law is so sweet, and it was a pleasure to visit with her as well.

After eating, I gassed up the car and hit the road. It took me about an hour to get to my mom’s house. My stepdad was there to help me unload my stuff. I must’ve looked like I was moving in. I had a heavy computer bag with several things in it, a suitcase, a bag full of food, and a huge storage bin filled with my yarn and all the components needed to work on both my knitting looms, and for my mom to teach me to crochet. I had kiwi and frozen steamed vegetables for dinner. After dinner I spent time with my mom visiting, and working on my loom. I have been very slowly been working on making hats for the homeless. I finally finished one that night, and I couldn’t have been happier. I snapped a picture, and went to Facebook to share the picture with the couple who had donated that yarn to me.


I’ve got some more yarn in the same color to start another one. I got sleepy, and ended up going to the guest room about 8:40. I was going to do some reading before I went to bed, but I was just too sleepy.


I woke up off and on thru the night, and finally woke up about 5. I went downstairs and started some coffee. I sat and watched the news until my mom woke up about 6:30. By then the sun had started to shine, which was a vast improvement from the really hard rains from the day before. I had driven thru patches of rain so hard I had to slow down to about 25mph. I stepped out to get the newspaper and bring the garbage bin back down to the house. It was much cooler than it had been the day before.

I cooked scrambled eggs for us, and got the food ready to put in the crockpot for our lunch. We ate our breakfast, and then we sat in their recliners in the middle of the living room. While my mom was out of the room taking her vitamins I started on a basic chain stitch for crochet. I learned to do a basic chain when I was much younger, and wasn’t even sure if I’d remember it, but I did. I had never really learned how to do any actual crochet.

We spent a little time watching television and I got online for a little while. I started getting a migraine. I had one the day before, but I assumed it was from the cold front coming thru. When I get a migraine concentration is hard for me.

For lunch we had a soup made from quinoa, great Northern beans, diced tomatoes, kale, onion, vegetable broth, and some spices. It had cooked about 4 hours on high, and I put the kale in to wilt for the last 15 minutes. I brewed some black currant tea, and soon I got the table ready. We enjoyed the meal, and I’m going to keep making it at home because it really is that good. You can find the recipe for this soup at this blog. I have tried several meals from this blog, and so far they’ve all been great.

After lunch my mom started showing me how to crochet. I had this gigantic plastic crochet hook, and some #6 bulky yarn. I seemed to have gotten the hang of it. I’ll just need lots of practice. So far, I’m really pleased with how I did.

First crochet

I will use Youtube videos to help me learn some of the other stitches. It’s something else I can do besides just working on my loom, but I still have a lot of other things I’d like to try on my looms.

I started loading my car. I got the leftovers of the soup, and my mom gave me some free-range eggs which thrilled me greatly. I left about 5:30 to start my trip home. I do not see very well in the dark and prefer not to drive out in it, so I wanted to give myself ample time to get home in time.

I arrived home, and BJ helped me unload the car. He had gotten me a Subway sandwich to eat, so I sat down for dinner. I was feeling very drained from the headaches, so I went to bed about 8:30.



Beginning of the Week

The beginning of the week definitely started on a high note. Monday mornings are when I weigh-in each week. I had lost 3.5lbs last week, bringing me to a total lost since January of last week to 70 pounds.


I couldn’t be more thrilled! It’s truly been thru eating better, because I haven’t started exercising yet. My plan is to start exercising by walking in my neighborhood on the nice days, and also doing yoga.

Also my headaches are almost totally gone. Since I started the acupuncture, it’s been nothing short of miraculous. The strict diet given to me by the acupuncturist has helped me lose weight as well, but has been very difficult to follow. I think that eating a diet that has been very low in fats, sugars, and processed food has helped my brain begin to heal. I went to get my acupuncture in the afternoon.

After my acupuncture, I met BJ at Jason’s Deli for some dinner. I tried honey mustard dressing on a salad for the first time, and really liked it.

Monday was a rather quiet day overall. It was a nice start to the week.


Tuesday started out as quietly as Monday was. I watched my favorite tv show, and then headed to the sanctuary of my craft room.

Lap Joey

I was treated to Joey visiting with me while I sat in my comfy chair in the craft room. I read some, and worked on some product reviews. I am always on the search for different review opportunities.

I ended up falling asleep in my chair, I was awakened by a phone call. I was supposed to meet with someone for an appointment, and I mistakenly thought it was for Wednesday instead. I rescheduled for the next day.

I went for my acupuncture, and BJ got home not long after I got there. We didn’t want to watch the news, because it is just too depressing. Ever the fisherman, BJ suggested we get out of the house.

We headed to Madison County Lake, which is a peaceful manmade lake out in the country. BJ’s stress relieving, soul soothing activity is fishing. Somewhere, anywhere. Just fishing. A lady that works for him made this funny shirt for him.

Fishing Shirt

This shirt is so appropriate for him. It cracks me up.


Madison County Lake is state owned, so you have to buy a permit to go fishing. We’ve been coming here for fishing and picnics for about 7 1/2 years now. You really don’t have any cell phone signal, so it’s truly a getaway.

Lake 1The lake is surrounded by some beautiful mountains. All kinds of neat birds can be seen there including kingfishers and bald eagles. It’s such a delight to watch nature. I still wish I would’ve brought a book to read or something. BJ fished and fished, until before we knew it, it was getting dark.



The lake closes at dusk, so they were ready to come run us off. BJ caught two fish, and decided he’d better go.

Wednesday I woke up rather early. I enjoyed some coffee and spent some time with BJ. We left about the same time, with him going to work, and I going to get acupuncture.

I have only had a few mild headaches over the past week. My acupuncturist started to work on my weight. He place mini-acupuncture needles into my abdomen. They don’t hurt, and if he thinks it’ll help me lose weight then I’ll try it.

After acupuncture I went to Hobby Lobby. I browsed the yarn aisle and got this.

Chunky Yarn

This yarn will be used on my Zippy Loom more than likely to make something interesting like a scarf. I also bought some beautiful buttons that are wooden and printed with beautiful things on them. I’m not sure what I want to use them in, but i thought I’d start a button box like my grandmother had when I was a child. I used to get the black metal box filled with buttons from a shelf over the refrigerator. I would go thru those buttons all the time as I was growing up.

After Hobby Lobby I went to Hancock Fabric where I found a few things on sale. I bought a pair of earrings, and I found a couple more buttons I wanted. Here is my favorite.

Pretty Button

I went to an appointment after shopping, and then I went to Garden Cove produce store. I found some yummy strawberries, and a few other goodies. Then I headed home.

BJ was working a closing shift so it was just me and the doggies. I spent some time doing a little work on a loom knit hat, and looking at some seed catalogs. I also got my new walking shoes in the mail.

New Walking Shoes

When it was time to feed Denver, I took his water and food with me along with some salmon oil that I squirt on top of the food. I also put a beef tendon in my pocket. He was ready to scarf down the food until I held the beef tendon up. He stared wide-eyed at it, and when I gave it to him, he ran out into the yard and wouldn’t even look back at me. He was totally focused. I went to bed about 9. A good start to the week.


Look Back at the Weekend

Joey Stick
Joey with a “Bully Stick” that I’m product testing.

Friday was a quiet day at home. I didn’t have any acupuncture visit, but I think I am starting to see the benefits of it. I only had a mild headache for part of the day. I spent time doing some loom knitting, and a little light housework. I made a pot of black eyed peas for our supper. When BJ got home from work, we got out of the house for a little while. We went to Ditto Landing where BJ could do some fishing. It was pretty much dark by the time we got there, but there are a lot of lights around so he could still see.

Saturday morning I woke up early to start some food in the crockpot so that we could have lunch together before BJ had to go to work. I got the recipe off the internet. It was quinoa, kale, great northern beans, and diced tomatoes. It also had vegetable broth and a few spices. It turned out really great even though I accidentally used the tomatoes with chilis in them. It was a little spicy, but we both enjoyed it. BJ had enough to take with him for his lunch at work.

I spent the evening mostly in my craft room. I listened to some music and worke on various projects. When I got the mail, I received a couple of product test items. One was the “Bully Stick” and beef tendon mix for the doggies. Joey chewed on his for a little bit, and then gave up on it. I brought Denver in the basement for the evening since it was supposed to get chilly. He absolutely loves rawhides and any kind of treat like that. You could hear him all the way upstairs gnawing on his.

Denver ChewsI headed off to bed before BJ even got off work. I have been getting sleepy earlier and earlier.

Sunday morning I woke up way before BJ, because he didn’t get home until after midnight. I’ve been doing really well on the plan to eat fruit before each meal. I had some honeydew before eating my scrambled eggs.

Later after BJ was up and about we went to Whole Foods and ate a little brunch. I am in love with their mock chicken salad. I could eat that every day, really. They had some great rosemary potatoes and pasta salad. I’m not supposed to be eating any processed food right now, so I sort of didn’t do too good with that. We picked up some more fruit there, and then headed to Ditto for BJ to fish some. He tried  to fish, but wasn’t out there very long. It was just too windy and cold.

For a late lunch we went to one of our favorite local restaurants. I had vegetarian chili and cornbread (I know, I know, it’s processed), and BJ had a black bean patty burger.

After eating we went to find some shoes for me to try on. I am about to start walking in my neighborhood, and I don’t have the best feet. I had researched some of the best shoes to buy for my feet. One of the most affordable choices was Sketchers Go Walk 3. I found some in Shoe Carnival, and they fit fine. I’m buying them online, because they’re cheaper that way. I should have my shoes by the middle of the week.

All in all the weekend was pretty quiet and uneventful. I’m looking forward to working on some projects this week.



Week in Review

Joey begging for real

Monday was an interesting day. I woke up early, and did my normal routine. I have been having migraines every single day in some form for about a year now. I’ve tried medication, massage, a chiropractor, and finally Botox. None of them giving me lasting relief. After seeing the bill for two Botox treatments, I decided that I wasn’t going to be able to continue those. I decided I was going to try something different. I looked up acupuncturists in my area. I found a guy named Dr. Ly who has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine for decades. I made an appointment with him, and on Monday afternoon I went to see him. I took a list of all the medications, vitamins, and supplements I take. They put me in a room and I waited to see him. He is a very nice man, and said that migraines are one of the main things he treats. He pushes on certain points along your body, and asks which is the most tender. He places a acupuncture needle in a spot, and then pushes on that tender spot again. Every time he pushed on a spot after the needle had beeen inserted, I didn’t feel any tenderness in that spot anymore. After I had all the needles in place I rested on the table for about 10 minutes. I was given Chinese herbs to take before and after meals. Then there is a specific diet I must follow for a little while. It is basically a “clean eating” diet. I am supposed to eat a piece of fruit before every meal, no processed food, no sugar, lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and no oils. I’ve been a vegetarian now for about 3 1/2 years, and it’s still going to be difficult to follow a diet like this.

After my session, BJ and I went to Whole Foods to eat some dinner. They have sort of a buffet at one end of the store where you can get different things to eat. I did the best I could, but there was a quinoa salad that still had some oil on it. While I finished eating, BJ went to the produce section to buy some fresh fruits for me. He picked apples, tangerines, and strawberries.

After we got home I prepared to cook a meal to take to my mom’s house the next day. I decided to make one of BJ’s favorites Quinoa Enchilada Casserole. It’s very easy to make, and tastes delicious.

Tuesday morning I woke up around 4:30 to get ready to go to my mom’s house. I ate some cantaloupe for breakfast, and stopped along the way and got a plain biscuit. I know that’s not on the diet, but I was really hungry. I arrived at my mom’s house, and we sat and worked on our craft projects. I was working on a hat, and she had started a scarf. She had a hat made for me out of some yarn she had made a scarf for me earlier in the winter with.

I also brought my wristlets that she had made me, and had her sew on the buttons I bought last week. They turned out beautifully. Wristlets with ButtonsI ate steamed vegetables for lunch while my mom and stepfather ate the casserole I made. I really wanted to eat some of it, but I’m not supposed to have the cheese.

After lunch, I worked on my hat that I’ve been very slowly loom knitting for a couple weeks. I was almost finished with it, and was pulling the yarn tightly to cinch the top of the hat, and the yarn broke. I’ve never had that happen before, and I didn’t know what to do. Mama looked at it, and really couldn’t think of what to do either. So I turned it inside out, and stitched up the bottom part of it as best I could. It looks like a little handbag, and I will probably just store little things in it. That particular yarn is hard to work with anyway.

I left my mom’s a little early because I had to get back to another acupuncture appointment. I got to the office early, and was able to get right back. This time they taped 3 seeds on the inside of my ear. They are on acupressure points, and I’m supposed to squeeze each one for 30 seconds before eating. I also got a shot of B complex in my leg.

I had to go back for more acupuncture on Wednesday morning. I ate some cantaloupe before I went. I was having a bit of a headache as I woke up. During the acupuncture I felt not too bad. I got another B complex shot in my leg. After I left I went to Panera Bread and had an egg white, spinach, avocado, and whole grain sandwich. It had some cheese on it, so it wasn’t perfect.

After eating there, I did some shopping. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a 16×20″ frame for a picture that will be featured on the back wall of my craft room. The more I shopped, the worse my head began to feel. I slowly started heading to eat lunch with BJ. I stopped in a vintage/thrift store, and browsed around for a while. I ended up finding a cute little bracelet that I liked. I keep wanting to buy this little dog planter that I saw last time I was there, but I didn’t. I also saw a teacup I’d like to buy to plant a succulent in, but I didn’t buy that either.

I stopped at UPS to drop off a package, and there was a restaurant called Atlanta Bread Company a couple doors down. I wanted some coffee, so I ran over there. I slowly enjoyed a latte while passing the time.


I drove to wait on BJ to come eat lunch. I was feeling worse by the minute. We went to eat lunch at an Asian restaurant called Bento Box. It has some really good steamed vegetables, including something called lily flower. It is so good! I had steamed cabbage, steamed broccoli, and lily flower. I really wanted a spring roll, but that wouldn’t be on my diet, so I just stuck with what I had. I was hurting so badly that I really just ate the broccoli and a little of the rest of it. I took the rest home with me.

After lunch I had an appointment, and it was in a new location. Thanks to m phone I found it rather easily. We did some guided meditation/breathing exercises to help ease my headache. It did help a good bit.

After my appointment I did a little more shopping. I went to a thrift store, and didn’t see anything I couldn’t live without. I do think it will be a good source for more picture frames for my craft room, once I get pictures printed and BJ makes more of the photo ledges.

Close to home I decided to go into a little antique store that I’ve noticed for years, but have never been in. I immediately found this cute little fish bead for $1, and I had to buy it. I don’t know what I’ll use it for. It’ll be in some sort of craft project I know, or it will be used to make a piece of jewelry.

Fish Bead

After I went there, I decided to go home. My head was still hurting, so I took a nap. I ate leftovers from lunch for my dinner.

I got my African violet repotted into a pot made specifically for those plants that my mom gave to me. It will live in our bathroom where it will get filtered light and humidity. Potted African Violets


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I do have some Irish blood running thru my veins, and I love St. Patrick’s Day. The hat in the picture is one my mom made for me, and has a beautiful scarf to go with it. It was cool outside, but I chose not to wear the scarf.

I had acupuncture early in the day, and then came home for a little while to visit with BJ before he went to work. After he left I had an appointment to weigh at one of my doctor’s offices at noon. I went in a little early, and they got me back fairly quickly. Of course the weight on their scales never goes with what my scales at home say, but the important thing is that I’ve lost weight. I had lost 3 pounds by their scale. Since last year I’ve lost 66 pounds so far. I was doing Weight Watchers, and then I thought I might be able to do it without counting the points. Right now I’m using an app on my iPhone called MyFitnessPal. I’ve been doing pretty well with it so far.

After being weighed I went to Juice Bar nearby. I was hoping to get some fruit and a salad. They didn’t have any fruit cups, so I hoped my juice with pineapple in it would be enough to count as my fruit. I had a salad with kale, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries, sesame seeds, and olive oil/vinegar dressing. I souldn’t have had the dressing, but I’m continuing to find this diet very hard to do. The pineapple juice also had various vegetables in it. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t like it at all. I had to force myself to drink it, and it wasn’t cheap. I’d rather have had a smoothie with some different things in it.

The big news of the day is that I had almost no headache at all. I came home from eating and took a long nap. For dinner I started with a kiwi, and then ate some frozen corn. I sat in my craft room, and worked on a new hat. I listened to music on a little bluetooth speaker, streaming it from my phone. Every day my craft room becomes better and better. BJ hung up our picture on the back wall. The rest of this wall will be covered in pictures of my family including lots of pictures of my ancestors who came before me. I’m going to get BJ to build some more photo ledges right away. Picture on the Wall



Weekend Roundup

BJ and I enjoyed the end of the week of his vacation. Friday I woke up early and enjoyed some coffee. Around 8 I woke BJ up, and he slowly got up. We’re pretty much the exact opposite when it comes to waking up. As soon as I’m awake, my feet usually hit the floor. BJ, however, stays in bed for a little while. If I did that I’d fall back asleep.

We went to eat lunch at a different Mexican restaurant than the ones we’ve been to before. It was really good. I had a vegetarian tamale, and something cool I’ve never had before, avocado mac ‘n cheese. It sounds kind of gross, but it was really good.

After eating we went into a Hancock Fabrics that was a couple doors down. I had seen clearance signs in the window, and I couldn’t pass it up. I saw a lot of things I really wanted, but found this Owl Planter

It’s a perfect planter for my succulents that will live in my craft room before too long. I also found these beautiful buttons for my wristlets that my mom crocheted for me.Buttons

BJ dropped me off at Hobby Lobby to shop while he went to get a haircut. I found a couple of photo frames I wanted, but couldn’t find an item I’m looking out for which is a lucky elephant. I looked at quiet a few things, and BJ still hadn’t called to tell me his haircut was done, so I bought my frames then started walking toward the barber shop. I stopped in Kirkland’s to see if they had any neat decorating ideas. I couldn’t stay in there long, because the smell of the candles and potpourri were triggering an even worse migraine than the one I already had.

We then headed to Lowe’s to get a few supplies for our garden. BJ got t-posts, wire, and rebar to create the trellis and support structure for our straw bale garden. I picked up this beauty:African Violets

I’ve had African violets before, but they died a long time ago, and I want to get one. I have special little pots that are made especially for them. I will be buying another one soon. I just loved the color of this little guy. I’m still sort of holding out for some succulents.

We went home after that, and I fell asleep because of fatigue from these never ending migraines. BJ did some great work in the front flowerbed. He also cut down some pallets to use as reinforcement for the straw bale garden.

The green plants are stonecrops and there’s a couple of salvias in there. I have 3 of the solar dragonflies that change color at night.

After I got up, BJ wanted to get back out of the house. We had some dinner, and then drove downtown to the courthouse square. We parked and walked to a little cafe/coffee shop.


They serve a wide selection of coffee, tea, and tasty treats. They also have meals, including some that are vegetarian. I got a large latte and BJ got a mocha. They have a little spot to sit outside, but we decided to sit in the cafe for the ambiance. I really enjoyed it, and I’m definitely going to be going back.

Cafe 2

BJ decided to try another round of fishing on Saturday morning. I want no part of the water right now. I woke up at the same time as he was getting ready to go out. I hung out around the house. I spent some time hanging out in my craft room. I’m constantly coming up with new ideas of things I’d like to do with the room. I

I struggled most of the morning with a migraine, and slept off and on for most of the morning. After BJ got home from fishing we decided to get out of the house. We headed to Jason’s Deli where we both had the salad bar.

After we ate, we drove to one of my favorite places in town. It’s called Lowe Mill and in its beginnings it was a cotton mill, one of a few in town. It is three stories tall, and is shaped like an “L”. Lowe Mill is filled with artist studios that you can walk by and watch people working at or selling their art. The first floor is mostly studios for full time artists. There are a vast array of things to see from paintings, to jewelry making, pottery, and sculpture. One the second floor is what is called the “artist’s market”. People set up tables and small booths to sell their arts and crafts. There’s always so many cool and interesting products for sale. The people watching is awesome too. You never know what kinds of things you will see. We went from floor to floor in one of those old industrial elevators. I was a little nervous of it, but wanted to try it. I actually got out of the market without spending any money. I’m pretty sure if BJ hadn’t been with me that I would’ve bought a few things.


Sunday morning I woke up early, even though we were springing forward. I spent part of the morning “window shopping” online. BJ got up at 8.

We spent most of the morning just hanging around the house. I printed off an organized list of the seeds that I currently have to see if there are any more that I might want to order. I probably have a dozen seed catalogs, and I love it! I just love seeing the many different things available.

Later in the day BJ wanted to get out of the house. First we went to Garden Cove, which is a local produce/health food store. I love their selection and prices on produce. Their prices on frozen foods and supplements are rather high, but the produce is priced really great. I bought some bananas, onions, and spinach. I was able to use the produce bag that my mom crocheted for me. It worked really well.

We then drove down to Madison County Lake. This has been one of our favorite spots to ride around since we first moved to the area. It is a manmade lake that is a decent size. We always drive from one end to the other taking in the sights. Yesterday we were blessed to see a bald eagle flying over the lake. So beautiful!

We spent the rest of the night hanging out at home. It’s been a great week having BJ on vacation.

Vacation Adventures

Beautiful Daffodil

Wednesday was rather quiet. BJ took me to an appointment at noon. BJ’s dad had a doctor’s appointment in town, so we wasted some time while we waited on his appointment to finish.

We went to Hobby Lobby, and believe it or not, I didn’t buy a single thing. I suppose it was because BJ was with me. If left to my devices I will always find something to buy at any craft store. We then went to Walmart where I found a couple of containers to hold my 5 pound bags of wheat berries. I bought hard white wheat and hard red wheat berries, and I wanted something airtight to keep them in. We then went Lowe’s where BJ bought some spray paint for me to work on some of my thrifted photo frames, and he also was looking for something to use to hang the picture ledges he made.

After BJ’s dad was done with his appointment, we met up with them at a Mexican restaurant for a little late lunch/early dinner. After we ate with them we decided to go home. I finished the inventory of my seeds, and had gotten a package for a online seed swap. I found a few things that I wanted, and now I’ll add a few things then send it on to the next person on the list. While I was doing that BJ was preparing the photo ledges to hang. He got the first set of them put up, and I’m thrilled with them.

Picture Ledges
These ledges will be filled with pictures of BJ’s family.

Thursday morning BJ and I woke up early, and decided to take a trip to the river. He had hooked up the boat the night before, and it didn’t take long to get ready. I usually bring a ton of reading material with me.

On the Road
On the road

It wasn’t too bad when we got on the boat in the river. BJ fishing, and I looking up things on my phone. BJ used the trolling motor to move us around some near the ramp where we had put the boat in. The wind started picking up ahead of a weather front, so we went under a bridge and went into a sheltered area of the river.

Im On A Boat
Bundled up from the wind.

The winds started picking up even more, so BJ decided we should go ahead and get out of the water. As we went out of the sheltered area we could see just how choppy the water was. I’m already a little nervous of being in the boat, so the waves didn’t help. We got to the dock and BJ hopped out. He tied the boat up to the post on the dock, and ran to get the truck with the boat trailer. The waves were bashing the boat against the dock, and suddenly I heard a noise. As I looked up I saw that the strap holding me to the dock had snapped. I was being moved away from the dock. I started yelling for someone to help me. There was a guy getting his boat put on his truck, but there was nothing he could do to help me. I’ve never driven a boat, and know very little about how it operates other than watching BJ drive. BJ saw that I was floating away and was running at top speed toward the water. He tried to tell me how to drive, but I was already stuck in the mud. I tried putting the boat in reverse, and all that did was throw mud up in the air. BJ took his shoes off, and waded out to the boat. It took a little while and a lot of work on BJ’s part to get the boat out of the mud. There was a crowd of fishermen standing at the boat ramp watching the spectacle. The whole time we were trying to get out of the mud the waves kept crashing over the side of the boat. After we got unstuck, BJ drove his boat over to the dock where he tossed his car keys to a good samaritan who backed BJ’s truck with the trailer down the ramp where BJ was able to get the boat up onto the ramp. Once I was on terra firma I decided it will be a while before I get out on the boat again.

We drove home in our water soaked clothes, and once we got home I immediately changed. BJ got ready, and we headed toward his parent’s house. It takes about an hour to get there. I had a migraine, but wanted to go visit so we headed that way. We went to eat some supper before making it to their house.

I’m on a mission to find pictures to put up in the craft room. My plans are for it to be like a photo gallery. BJ’s mom pulled out some of the family photo albums. I used my phone to take pictures of the ones I really like. I’ve never made copies of photos from my iPhone, so we’ll see how they turn out when printed.

Robyn and BJ 1
This is baby BJ with his sister Robyn.

I uploaded a few to the CVS photo website, and hopefully they will turn out nice. BJ and his parents started playing Scrabble, but my headache wasn’t cooperating. So I laid down on the couch. After they played that, and a game of SkipBo we headed home. The rain had been coming down for a few hours, but we had a smooth journey home. We watched a little tv and relaxed before going to bed around 9:30.



Tuesday’s Gone With the Wind

Wheat Berries

Monday night I picked up my first order from a company called Azure Standard. You can buy in bulk and get a ton of different choices of organic and healthy foods. I bought a few things just to sort of check it out. Some of my interesting purchases included two different kinds of hard wheat berries. I’m looking to grind them in my Vitamix blender that is made just right for grinding the wheat berries into flour. I’m going to be baking lots of bread. I also bought a big batch of yeast. I’m going to be buying from them again. When the 18 wheeler arrived in the parking lot where people were waiting, we all formed a line and started unloading everyone’s products. They were separated out by last name, and before long the shipment for this area was out of the truck and we quickly found our box.

BJ went fishing yesterday with a buddy of his. He said he caught 3, so he wants to fish more while he’s on vacation. Fishing is truly his passion. I don’t have a single thing that I can claim to be my passion. I have an interest in so many different things. I’m usually trying to work on all my favorite things at the same time.

I woke up about 6, and had coffee. About 9 I was already fighting sleepiness. I swear I must have the sleeping sickness. I talked to my dad on the phone for a little bit, and then went into my craft room to take a little nap. When I woke up BJ was sending me a text saying he was on his way home from fishing. Before he got home I drew out a “map” of my cinder block flowerbed. I am now going to plan what I’m going to plant in each little hole.

Garden Planning
It’s a good thing I used graph paper. I am definitely not good at drawing.

Once BJ got home and got ready, we went for an early dinner. We went to Jason’s Deli. I should’ve just gotten a salad, but I got their Zucchini Grillini. It’s a good sandwich with red roasted pepper hummus, black olives, spinach, tomato, and cheese. It came with a bowl of steamed veggies. I love their tea, I think it is black currant tea. I bought a tin of black currant tea the other day, and I’m going to try making some this week.

After eating we went to Marshalls and Target. I’m searching for some affordable containers to store all my bulk food items in. I found some at Bed Bath and Beyond before I picked up my food on Monday night, but they’re just a little too expensive. I was hoping for something at Marshalls. I saw a few things I wanted to buy, but I am trying to contain my urge to shop. Next week I will get back into a pattern of more sensible spending. I’ve studied money management enough to know what to do to save my pennies, but I haven’t been doing it. I went off the rails at Christmas, and I’m not back on track yet. At Target I didn’t see any different containers than the ones I had already seen. Still not as cheap as I’d like. I have a need for quiet a few of the containers. I ended up buying a cruelty-free eyeshadow stick to put in my purse. I typically don’t wear much or any makeup, but I probably should. I got a bronze colored eyeshadow.

After those places we went to Whole Foods. I’m a true sucker for places like this. It is rather expensive, but they have a few things I can’t find anywhere else. I got some liquid stevia for my iced tea, cereal, tortillas, crumbled feta, sun dried tomatoes packed in olive oil, and then some vegan chicken salad.

We came home because I was starting to get a pretty bad headache. Once we got home, BJ realized we needed dog food. He headed to Kroger near our house, and I put a mask over my eyes to help ease my headache. I took my tinctures, and a anti-inflammatory. A little later it started easing up some, and I watched some TV with BJ. I had a wrap with the mock chicken salad, and it was extremely tasty.

I’m hoping that we enjoy the rest of BJ’s vacation, even though the further in the week it gets, the higher the likelihood of rain.

Weekend Roundup and Vacation

Friday BJ was off work, and we mostly stuck around the house. I made pancakes in the morning with a new set I’m product testing.

Pancake bottle


BJ painted my picture ledges with some spray paint, and hopefully they’ll be up sometime soon.

Painted Shelf

My dad came to visit after he got off work. We had some Mexican take out for dinner. I didn’t really feel like going out, and my dad was tired.

Saturday my dad and I hung out around the house until he left to go home a little before BJ got off work. I haven’t felt as perky as normal, and fell asleep a couple of times while he was here. We enjoyed watching the birds coming to the bird feeder he made me a few years back. We had a special visitor that I’ve never seen at this feeder, a red-headed woodpecker.


Sunday BJ had to close at work, so I held the fort down. I was still having a lot of sleepiness. I was hoping I wasn’t getting sick or something. I got a little cleaning done around the house, but spent a lot of time on and off sleeping.

BJ’s weeklong vacation started today. I’m so excited when he gets time off. He had to get a tire replaced first thing this morning, because he got a razor blade in his last night while he was at work. He had to change the tire on the way home. I was just thankful he could find a safe place to change it. We went to eat breakfast, and then we went to Lowes trying to figure out how he wants to hang the picture ledges. Then we went to pick his tire up, and headed home. After we got home, he decided to get started on a flowerbed we’re going to have in the back yard. He decided a while back that he wanted it in an H design. I just wanted to go on record saying that I didn’t pick the H. He had already gotten the blocks from work that he was going to use to make the bed, and some pavers to create a path. He had laid down cardboard a few weeks ago to help kill off some of the grass and weeds where it was going to be. It didn’t take him long, and he had a pretty cool flowerbed all set up.

FlowerbedThe inside of the flowerbed will be filled with all kinds of flowers, and each hole of the blocks will be filled with either an herb, vegetable, or flower. I’ll also have some random flowerpots that I’ll fill. I’m hoping to attract some butterflies and bees to the backyard.

Later this week we’ll probably get started making the surrounding structure of our straw bale gardens. This year we’re doing two rows of 5 straw bales with supporting T-posts and wire going across to form trellises. I look forward to gardening this summer.

Joey Resting

Yesterday was dreary day outside, but I was excited because BJ had the day off. I woke up about 6, and started the coffee. Coffee is a vital part of my daily life. I’m the stereotypical person who needs to be left alone until they’ve had their coffee.

I enjoyed my coffee, and did my morning routine of watching my show. I woke BJ up at 8, but he didn’t get up and about until about 9. We hung out some, and watched television. Then we got ready to get out of the house, even though it was really cold and rainy.

We wound up at Mellow Mushroom for lunch. When we go there at lunchtime we usually get a couple individual cheese slices. After lunch we went to a Tuesday Morning store that I’ve never been in before. I found tons of things I would’ve loved to buy, but instead we ended up buying some black currant tea, a underbed bag that I’m hoping to store sheets in, and a length of rope with loops on the end that I may use to make another bohemian valance.

For Valentine’s Day this year, BJ got a Groupon deal for me. It was a 45-minute aromatherapy massage. I haven’t had a professional massage since I was won my honeymoon 10 years ago. We were both hoping that the relaxation and mix of essential oils would help ease my headache.

When I arrived the lady who was the massage therapist had me fill out a information sheet. We discussed some of the things I can do to help with my migraines. She mentioned putting a drop of frankincense on the roof of my mouth when I start to feel the headache coming one. We also discussed reiki, which is basically a non-religion based form of healing where there is laying of hands on the person and providing help and healing to different parts of the body.

My massage was very relaxing. It was not a deep tissue massage, so it was mostly just soothing. There were different blends of essential oils that were massaged into my back. The were 8 oils used in total. She also performed some of the reiki on my neck and head. Then she also did some on my left foot that had surgery last year, and still has some tenderness. Overall the massage was well worth it, and I may get another one soon.

After I was done, we drove to Ditto Landing where BJ fished a little bit, but it was too cool and windy to do it very long. We headed to Costco for coffee and frozen fruit for smoothies. Then BJ went into Lowe’s, and got all the supplies necessary to make my photo ledges. We made a couple more stops after that, and then headed home.

When we got home, BJ went right to work on the photo ledges. He used MDF boards, and he made the first 3 for us to try out in no time. We’re going to spray paint them a grayish color. These ledges will go onto my wall just to the right when you go into my craft room. This set of shelves will be for displays of photos on BJ’s side of the family.

Picture Ledge 1

I’m not sure exactly how I’ll do the back wall. I know I want it filled with pictures of family. I thought about putting some kind of large canvas photo in the center of the wall.

I have a million projects in my head that I’d like to do, but I’ve got to remember to pace myself. I can only multitask so much.

I’d like to do a daily gratitude statement. There’s too much negativity in the world, and there are many things to be thankful for. Today I would like to say how thankful I am to have a roof over my head that is safe and comfortable.

Midweek Happenings

Yesterday I kept fairly busy. I woke up later yesterday morning that I had been, but it was about 6. I watched my show, and did a few things online.

I left the house about 9, and went to Subway to use a gift card I had left over from Christmas to buy an egg and cheese flatbread for breakfast. I followed that with some thrift store shopping. I was on the lookout for cheap picture frames. I found quiet a few of them. FramesI’m still trying to decide what I want to do with them. If I want them all one color or what. I will probably spray paint them a couple different colors. The craft room will be pretty much filled with photos on the walls. I had considered doing a vinyl decal on the middle of the wall, but I’m still not sure. I’m going to get the photos on a couple of the side walls, and then decide what to do with the back wall. When we bought the house 7 years ago we painted one wall as an accent wall (all along I have had this room in mind to have this room as a craft room). It’s a strange color, but It would be a real pain to try to repaint it.

I found a couple of little cups to plant succulents in. I’m looking forward to getting the plant stand set up in the craft room, and putting plants on it.

Cute Cup
This should look cute with a little succulent in it.

At 11 I had an appointment, and that lasted an hour. After that I went to one last thrift store. I found a couple skeins of yarn and a wreath form made out of grapevine. I’d like to make a wreath to put on the door to the craft room for different seasons. So far I have a banner on the door, and I kind of like it.Banner

After going to the thrift store I drove to Earth Fare to eat lunch. It was something a little different, and I can find my vegetarian choices. I usually hate eating by myself, but it seems like there’s always people eating alone there, so I found a sunny booth by the window, and had my lunch. Steamed vegetables over a bed of rice, mashed potatoes, and a mixture of beans.

After eating I went to Joann’s craft store. I was in the market for some buttons for the fingerless gloves my mom crocheted for me. Craft stores can be dangerous for me. I find so many things I like and want to create. I got out with only a couple of extra things besides the buttons.

Glove button
I think these wooden buttons will look nice on the gloves.

I came home, and tried to take a nap, because I was getting a migraine. I never fell asleep, but the rest did help my headache some.

BJ came home a little before 5, and we decided to go get something to eat. I’m going to be working on a menu and a shopping list for some groceries today. We ended up eating at Panera Bread. I like to eat the pick two broccoli and cheese soup, and mediterranean quinoa salad.

BJ went to Dick’s sporting goods looking at fishing stuff, and I stayed in the car. Then we went to Marshall’s to look for some agave nectar that I like to use on my pancakes. I can’t eat regular pancake syrup or maple syrup, because I had a gastric bypass. Those high sugar level syrups make my blood sugar dropped drastically, making me feel terrible.

We then headed to Lowe’s to get a few supplies to work on making some picture ledges for the craft room. If you’re interested in picture ledges you can find them under my “Craft Room Ideas” board on Pinterest. We didn’t get all of the supplies, because I started getting a migraine.

We got home, and I went to bed before too long. It was a little early, but I was ready to sleep.