A Slice of This Week’s Activity

Improvements Day by Day

I’m happy to report that I’m basically migraine-free at this point. After trying everything under the sun to get them under control, and living with a daily migraine for a solid year, it appears that the secret to my success has been traditional Chinese medicine.

I’ve been getting acupuncture for a little while now, and at first I was desperate for anything to work. I have tried medications, massage, herbal supplements, and Botox. None of them provided lasting relief until I started acupuncture with Dr. Ly. I was trained in Western medicine, so I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I am so happy that I can now function without chronic headaches.

To assist with the acupuncture I was instructed to eat as few processed foods as possible, eliminate most of the oils from my diet, and I was given Chinese herbs to take before and after meals. I am also supposed to eat a fruit before every meal.

I’m a believer in alternative healthcare, and I have plans to learn a lot more about herbs, aromatherapy, and using nutrition to heal the body.

My New Exercise Routine


I have started walking at least 5 days per week. I usually walk in my neighborhood, but if BJ is fishing somewhere, I usually try to walk wherever we are.

I got a new fitness tracker. It’s the Garmin Vivofit 1. I measures activity, sleep, calories burned, and works with my MyFitnessPal app to monitor how many calories I’m consuming.

I bought it off of eBay. It is a refurbished model, but it has a 1-year warranty. I wear it all the time, except in the shower, even thought it’s water resistant. I’m also getting some cute wristbands to change it up every once in a while.

I have an internet streaming device attached to my TV called a Roku. I found out that I can stream Youtube videos onto my TV, so I’ve added a ton of different exercise videos on there. Yoga and walking indoors are some of the things I’m using. This way I can keep finding new videos, and won’t get bored. I’m thinking I’ll cancel my subscription to Gaia which is what I have been using for yoga videos. I do want to watch a couple documentaries before I cancel though.

Ready to Sew

I’ve been so excited about my upcoming sewing classes that I’ve been looking everywhere for beginner patterns for me to try. I finally got my new sewing machine delivered.Sewing machine1I was like a kid on Christmas morning opening up that Amazon box. Does it mean that I’m getting old that I find something such as a sewing machine so exciting?

My Pinterest account is now filling up with patterns and tips for sewing. Wednesday I begin my one-on-one classes with a lady who lives here locally. I couldn’t contain my excitement, so I took it out of the box to look at it more.Sewing machineSlowly Getting the House in Order

I’m by nature a very messy person. Wherever I sit in the living room, or anywhere really, I develop a debris field around me. I feel like Pigpin from Peanuts. If there’s a flat surface, I will lay something on it. It actually drives me nuts, but when I start trying to clean I get a feeling of being overwhelmed by it all.

In an effort to declutter, I’m starting to sell a few things online. I have a bit of a magazine collection problem, so I’m going thru the magazines and using my flatbed scanner to scan articles that are interesting to me. I am putting them into my computer, and I’m digitally organizing them. I’m not only trying to declutter my physical space, but my digital things as well. I have an external hard drive that I put all my pictures and files on. I totally organized the files/pictures in a way that made more sense. Deep down I am an organizer, which is true to my virgo astrological sign.

It will take a long time to get the house the way I want it, but I must remember that I’ve been cluttered for a very long time. I realize it won’t happen overnight.

I will be posting updates on my decluttering progress as I go along.



Where Do We Go From Here


IMG_1075 2
Manatee Tea Infuser

So, I let my poor blog go off the rails. In fact over the holidays I must admit I let everything go off the rails, but the past is the past so now we’ll look forward.

We’re trying to get re-established in our budget habits. It’s amazing how quickly bad habits can sneak back into our lives, and how hard they are to break.

So what have we been up to? We had a wonderful Christmas with all of our family get togethers. We were blessed to receive some wonderful gifts. I loved the presents, but time with family is the most precious thing of all.

MrB had some time off for a vacation. We spent that quality time together just enjoying life, listening to old Christmas songs and watching Christmas movies. We discussed some of our plans for our future. I’m always glad to find out that we seem to be on the same page in most aspects of things.


I’ve spent some of my time recently reviewing products from Amazon. I get a chance to get a product for a deep discount or free in exchange for an honest review. I’m going to try to restrain myself or the whole house will be full of junk. I am enjoying it though.

I’ve been working on some loom knitting. I’m planning on making knit hats for our local homeless. I’ve actually gotten a few really generous donations. My mom is trying to teach me to use a long loom where I could make scarves too. I’m slowly learning.

IMG_1076 2

I’m also working to turn my craft “junk” room into a true sanctuary for me to do many things. I want the space to be used for loom knitting, reading, and surfing the internet. I’m doing planning on how I want it to look. I went to Big Lots after Christmas and found a comfy recliner, and believe it or not, there was enough room to put it in there. Enough junk had been removed. I bought an end table off of Craigslist that has a small drawer. I went to Hobby Lobby with my dad to spend some of the gift card he got me. I bought a small lamp, and a decorative drawer pull for the end table.

I made true progress the other night while cleaning, because I actually threw away a stack of magazines I’ve been hanging onto for several years. I only saved a few important (to me anyway) magazines. I still have a little ways to go, but I’m confident I can do it. I will take some pictures as I make some progress

So the purpose of this blog from here on out is to follow all of the things that encompass my life. Like many others, I have a very wide array of interests. I may not write every day, because I put too much pressure on myself to come up with something to say. I want to write all kinds of different material here, and I hope it is interesting. Hopefully from here we’ll have a blog that is consistent and will be something that I can do for a long time.


Friday With MrB

I had more insomnia Thursday night, so I was awake most of the night. I made coffee and watched the news. I woke MrB up about 7:30 and while he was waking up I had some cheesy grits.

I spent most of the early part of the day going thru things in my craft room and organizing it some. I’m making pretty good progress. I’m going to get everything I don’t need out of the room first, and then set about organizing the stuff I am keeping. I found a few things that will be useful for Christmas gifts. I’m getting rid of quiet a few things, but I found some toiletries that I plan on donating to the local homeless shelter.

I took a nap in the early afternoon, and then we got ready to go out. MrB had an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. He’s been suffering with painful elbows. He got a shot in one of them, and he’s supposed to do some physical therapy.

It was dark by the time we got out of the doctor’s office. We headed to the grocery store instead of going out to eat for dinner. We stopped by the pharmacy, and then headed home. We had veggie burgers and french fries.

I went to bed kind of early, because I just couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Frugal Things of the Day

  • No a/c or heat on.
  • Ate from home
  • Decluttering, which can help me be more frugal by seeing how much junk I have that I have no need for.