Week in Review

Joey begging for real

Monday was an interesting day. I woke up early, and did my normal routine. I have been having migraines every single day in some form for about a year now. I’ve tried medication, massage, a chiropractor, and finally Botox. None of them giving me lasting relief. After seeing the bill for two Botox treatments, I decided that I wasn’t going to be able to continue those. I decided I was going to try something different. I looked up acupuncturists in my area. I found a guy named Dr. Ly who has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine for decades. I made an appointment with him, and on Monday afternoon I went to see him. I took a list of all the medications, vitamins, and supplements I take. They put me in a room and I waited to see him. He is a very nice man, and said that migraines are one of the main things he treats. He pushes on certain points along your body, and asks which is the most tender. He places a acupuncture needle in a spot, and then pushes on that tender spot again. Every time he pushed on a spot after the needle had beeen inserted, I didn’t feel any tenderness in that spot anymore. After I had all the needles in place I rested on the table for about 10 minutes. I was given Chinese herbs to take before and after meals. Then there is a specific diet I must follow for a little while. It is basically a “clean eating” diet. I am supposed to eat a piece of fruit before every meal, no processed food, no sugar, lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and no oils. I’ve been a vegetarian now for about 3 1/2 years, and it’s still going to be difficult to follow a diet like this.

After my session, BJ and I went to Whole Foods to eat some dinner. They have sort of a buffet at one end of the store where you can get different things to eat. I did the best I could, but there was a quinoa salad that still had some oil on it. While I finished eating, BJ went to the produce section to buy some fresh fruits for me. He picked apples, tangerines, and strawberries.

After we got home I prepared to cook a meal to take to my mom’s house the next day. I decided to make one of BJ’s favorites Quinoa Enchilada Casserole. It’s very easy to make, and tastes delicious.

Tuesday morning I woke up around 4:30 to get ready to go to my mom’s house. I ate some cantaloupe for breakfast, and stopped along the way and got a plain biscuit. I know that’s not on the diet, but I was really hungry. I arrived at my mom’s house, and we sat and worked on our craft projects. I was working on a hat, and she had started a scarf. She had a hat made for me out of some yarn she had made a scarf for me earlier in the winter with.

I also brought my wristlets that she had made me, and had her sew on the buttons I bought last week. They turned out beautifully. Wristlets with ButtonsI ate steamed vegetables for lunch while my mom and stepfather ate the casserole I made. I really wanted to eat some of it, but I’m not supposed to have the cheese.

After lunch, I worked on my hat that I’ve been very slowly loom knitting for a couple weeks. I was almost finished with it, and was pulling the yarn tightly to cinch the top of the hat, and the yarn broke. I’ve never had that happen before, and I didn’t know what to do. Mama looked at it, and really couldn’t think of what to do either. So I turned it inside out, and stitched up the bottom part of it as best I could. It looks like a little handbag, and I will probably just store little things in it. That particular yarn is hard to work with anyway.

I left my mom’s a little early because I had to get back to another acupuncture appointment. I got to the office early, and was able to get right back. This time they taped 3 seeds on the inside of my ear. They are on acupressure points, and I’m supposed to squeeze each one for 30 seconds before eating. I also got a shot of B complex in my leg.

I had to go back for more acupuncture on Wednesday morning. I ate some cantaloupe before I went. I was having a bit of a headache as I woke up. During the acupuncture I felt not too bad. I got another B complex shot in my leg. After I left I went to Panera Bread and had an egg white, spinach, avocado, and whole grain sandwich. It had some cheese on it, so it wasn’t perfect.

After eating there, I did some shopping. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a 16×20″ frame for a picture that will be featured on the back wall of my craft room. The more I shopped, the worse my head began to feel. I slowly started heading to eat lunch with BJ. I stopped in a vintage/thrift store, and browsed around for a while. I ended up finding a cute little bracelet that I liked. I keep wanting to buy this little dog planter that I saw last time I was there, but I didn’t. I also saw a teacup I’d like to buy to plant a succulent in, but I didn’t buy that either.

I stopped at UPS to drop off a package, and there was a restaurant called Atlanta Bread Company a couple doors down. I wanted some coffee, so I ran over there. I slowly enjoyed a latte while passing the time.


I drove to wait on BJ to come eat lunch. I was feeling worse by the minute. We went to eat lunch at an Asian restaurant called Bento Box. It has some really good steamed vegetables, including something called lily flower. It is so good! I had steamed cabbage, steamed broccoli, and lily flower. I really wanted a spring roll, but that wouldn’t be on my diet, so I just stuck with what I had. I was hurting so badly that I really just ate the broccoli and a little of the rest of it. I took the rest home with me.

After lunch I had an appointment, and it was in a new location. Thanks to m phone I found it rather easily. We did some guided meditation/breathing exercises to help ease my headache. It did help a good bit.

After my appointment I did a little more shopping. I went to a thrift store, and didn’t see anything I couldn’t live without. I do think it will be a good source for more picture frames for my craft room, once I get pictures printed and BJ makes more of the photo ledges.

Close to home I decided to go into a little antique store that I’ve noticed for years, but have never been in. I immediately found this cute little fish bead for $1, and I had to buy it. I don’t know what I’ll use it for. It’ll be in some sort of craft project I know, or it will be used to make a piece of jewelry.

Fish Bead

After I went there, I decided to go home. My head was still hurting, so I took a nap. I ate leftovers from lunch for my dinner.

I got my African violet repotted into a pot made specifically for those plants that my mom gave to me. It will live in our bathroom where it will get filtered light and humidity. Potted African Violets


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I do have some Irish blood running thru my veins, and I love St. Patrick’s Day. The hat in the picture is one my mom made for me, and has a beautiful scarf to go with it. It was cool outside, but I chose not to wear the scarf.

I had acupuncture early in the day, and then came home for a little while to visit with BJ before he went to work. After he left I had an appointment to weigh at one of my doctor’s offices at noon. I went in a little early, and they got me back fairly quickly. Of course the weight on their scales never goes with what my scales at home say, but the important thing is that I’ve lost weight. I had lost 3 pounds by their scale. Since last year I’ve lost 66 pounds so far. I was doing Weight Watchers, and then I thought I might be able to do it without counting the points. Right now I’m using an app on my iPhone called MyFitnessPal. I’ve been doing pretty well with it so far.

After being weighed I went to Juice Bar nearby. I was hoping to get some fruit and a salad. They didn’t have any fruit cups, so I hoped my juice with pineapple in it would be enough to count as my fruit. I had a salad with kale, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries, sesame seeds, and olive oil/vinegar dressing. I souldn’t have had the dressing, but I’m continuing to find this diet very hard to do. The pineapple juice also had various vegetables in it. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t like it at all. I had to force myself to drink it, and it wasn’t cheap. I’d rather have had a smoothie with some different things in it.

The big news of the day is that I had almost no headache at all. I came home from eating and took a long nap. For dinner I started with a kiwi, and then ate some frozen corn. I sat in my craft room, and worked on a new hat. I listened to music on a little bluetooth speaker, streaming it from my phone. Every day my craft room becomes better and better. BJ hung up our picture on the back wall. The rest of this wall will be covered in pictures of my family including lots of pictures of my ancestors who came before me. I’m going to get BJ to build some more photo ledges right away. Picture on the Wall




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