Vacation Adventures

Beautiful Daffodil

Wednesday was rather quiet. BJ took me to an appointment at noon. BJ’s dad had a doctor’s appointment in town, so we wasted some time while we waited on his appointment to finish.

We went to Hobby Lobby, and believe it or not, I didn’t buy a single thing. I suppose it was because BJ was with me. If left to my devices I will always find something to buy at any craft store. We then went to Walmart where I found a couple of containers to hold my 5 pound bags of wheat berries. I bought hard white wheat and hard red wheat berries, and I wanted something airtight to keep them in. We then went Lowe’s where BJ bought some spray paint for me to work on some of my thrifted photo frames, and he also was looking for something to use to hang the picture ledges he made.

After BJ’s dad was done with his appointment, we met up with them at a Mexican restaurant for a little late lunch/early dinner. After we ate with them we decided to go home. I finished the inventory of my seeds, and had gotten a package for a online seed swap. I found a few things that I wanted, and now I’ll add a few things then send it on to the next person on the list. While I was doing that BJ was preparing the photo ledges to hang. He got the first set of them put up, and I’m thrilled with them.

Picture Ledges
These ledges will be filled with pictures of BJ’s family.

Thursday morning BJ and I woke up early, and decided to take a trip to the river. He had hooked up the boat the night before, and it didn’t take long to get ready. I usually bring a ton of reading material with me.

On the Road
On the road

It wasn’t too bad when we got on the boat in the river. BJ fishing, and I looking up things on my phone. BJ used the trolling motor to move us around some near the ramp where we had put the boat in. The wind started picking up ahead of a weather front, so we went under a bridge and went into a sheltered area of the river.

Im On A Boat
Bundled up from the wind.

The winds started picking up even more, so BJ decided we should go ahead and get out of the water. As we went out of the sheltered area we could see just how choppy the water was. I’m already a little nervous of being in the boat, so the waves didn’t help. We got to the dock and BJ hopped out. He tied the boat up to the post on the dock, and ran to get the truck with the boat trailer. The waves were bashing the boat against the dock, and suddenly I heard a noise. As I looked up I saw that the strap holding me to the dock had snapped. I was being moved away from the dock. I started yelling for someone to help me. There was a guy getting his boat put on his truck, but there was nothing he could do to help me. I’ve never driven a boat, and know very little about how it operates other than watching BJ drive. BJ saw that I was floating away and was running at top speed toward the water. He tried to tell me how to drive, but I was already stuck in the mud. I tried putting the boat in reverse, and all that did was throw mud up in the air. BJ took his shoes off, and waded out to the boat. It took a little while and a lot of work on BJ’s part to get the boat out of the mud. There was a crowd of fishermen standing at the boat ramp watching the spectacle. The whole time we were trying to get out of the mud the waves kept crashing over the side of the boat. After we got unstuck, BJ drove his boat over to the dock where he tossed his car keys to a good samaritan who backed BJ’s truck with the trailer down the ramp where BJ was able to get the boat up onto the ramp. Once I was on terra firma I decided it will be a while before I get out on the boat again.

We drove home in our water soaked clothes, and once we got home I immediately changed. BJ got ready, and we headed toward his parent’s house. It takes about an hour to get there. I had a migraine, but wanted to go visit so we headed that way. We went to eat some supper before making it to their house.

I’m on a mission to find pictures to put up in the craft room. My plans are for it to be like a photo gallery. BJ’s mom pulled out some of the family photo albums. I used my phone to take pictures of the ones I really like. I’ve never made copies of photos from my iPhone, so we’ll see how they turn out when printed.

Robyn and BJ 1
This is baby BJ with his sister Robyn.

I uploaded a few to the CVS photo website, and hopefully they will turn out nice. BJ and his parents started playing Scrabble, but my headache wasn’t cooperating. So I laid down on the couch. After they played that, and a game of SkipBo we headed home. The rain had been coming down for a few hours, but we had a smooth journey home. We watched a little tv and relaxed before going to bed around 9:30.




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