Weekend Roundup and Vacation

Friday BJ was off work, and we mostly stuck around the house. I made pancakes in the morning with a new set I’m product testing.

Pancake bottle


BJ painted my picture ledges with some spray paint, and hopefully they’ll be up sometime soon.

Painted Shelf

My dad came to visit after he got off work. We had some Mexican take out for dinner. I didn’t really feel like going out, and my dad was tired.

Saturday my dad and I hung out around the house until he left to go home a little before BJ got off work. I haven’t felt as perky as normal, and fell asleep a couple of times while he was here. We enjoyed watching the birds coming to the bird feeder he made me a few years back. We had a special visitor that I’ve never seen at this feeder, a red-headed woodpecker.


Sunday BJ had to close at work, so I held the fort down. I was still having a lot of sleepiness. I was hoping I wasn’t getting sick or something. I got a little cleaning done around the house, but spent a lot of time on and off sleeping.

BJ’s weeklong vacation started today. I’m so excited when he gets time off. He had to get a tire replaced first thing this morning, because he got a razor blade in his last night while he was at work. He had to change the tire on the way home. I was just thankful he could find a safe place to change it. We went to eat breakfast, and then we went to Lowes trying to figure out how he wants to hang the picture ledges. Then we went to pick his tire up, and headed home. After we got home, he decided to get started on a flowerbed we’re going to have in the back yard. He decided a while back that he wanted it in an H design. I just wanted to go on record saying that I didn’t pick the H. He had already gotten the blocks from work that he was going to use to make the bed, and some pavers to create a path. He had laid down cardboard a few weeks ago to help kill off some of the grass and weeds where it was going to be. It didn’t take him long, and he had a pretty cool flowerbed all set up.

FlowerbedThe inside of the flowerbed will be filled with all kinds of flowers, and each hole of the blocks will be filled with either an herb, vegetable, or flower. I’ll also have some random flowerpots that I’ll fill. I’m hoping to attract some butterflies and bees to the backyard.

Later this week we’ll probably get started making the surrounding structure of our straw bale gardens. This year we’re doing two rows of 5 straw bales with supporting T-posts and wire going across to form trellises. I look forward to gardening this summer.


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