Midweek Happenings

Yesterday I kept fairly busy. I woke up later yesterday morning that I had been, but it was about 6. I watched my show, and did a few things online.

I left the house about 9, and went to Subway to use a gift card I had left over from Christmas to buy an egg and cheese flatbread for breakfast. I followed that with some thrift store shopping. I was on the lookout for cheap picture frames. I found quiet a few of them. FramesI’m still trying to decide what I want to do with them. If I want them all one color or what. I will probably spray paint them a couple different colors. The craft room will be pretty much filled with photos on the walls. I had considered doing a vinyl decal on the middle of the wall, but I’m still not sure. I’m going to get the photos on a couple of the side walls, and then decide what to do with the back wall. When we bought the house 7 years ago we painted one wall as an accent wall (all along I have had this room in mind to have this room as a craft room). It’s a strange color, but It would be a real pain to try to repaint it.

I found a couple of little cups to plant succulents in. I’m looking forward to getting the plant stand set up in the craft room, and putting plants on it.

Cute Cup
This should look cute with a little succulent in it.

At 11 I had an appointment, and that lasted an hour. After that I went to one last thrift store. I found a couple skeins of yarn and a wreath form made out of grapevine. I’d like to make a wreath to put on the door to the craft room for different seasons. So far I have a banner on the door, and I kind of like it.Banner

After going to the thrift store I drove to Earth Fare to eat lunch. It was something a little different, and I can find my vegetarian choices. I usually hate eating by myself, but it seems like there’s always people eating alone there, so I found a sunny booth by the window, and had my lunch. Steamed vegetables over a bed of rice, mashed potatoes, and a mixture of beans.

After eating I went to Joann’s craft store. I was in the market for some buttons for the fingerless gloves my mom crocheted for me. Craft stores can be dangerous for me. I find so many things I like and want to create. I got out with only a couple of extra things besides the buttons.

Glove button
I think these wooden buttons will look nice on the gloves.

I came home, and tried to take a nap, because I was getting a migraine. I never fell asleep, but the rest did help my headache some.

BJ came home a little before 5, and we decided to go get something to eat. I’m going to be working on a menu and a shopping list for some groceries today. We ended up eating at Panera Bread. I like to eat the pick two broccoli and cheese soup, and mediterranean quinoa salad.

BJ went to Dick’s sporting goods looking at fishing stuff, and I stayed in the car. Then we went to Marshall’s to look for some agave nectar that I like to use on my pancakes. I can’t eat regular pancake syrup or maple syrup, because I had a gastric bypass. Those high sugar level syrups make my blood sugar dropped drastically, making me feel terrible.

We then headed to Lowe’s to get a few supplies to work on making some picture ledges for the craft room. If you’re interested in picture ledges you can find them under my “Craft Room Ideas” board on Pinterest. We didn’t get all of the supplies, because I started getting a migraine.

We got home, and I went to bed before too long. It was a little early, but I was ready to sleep.


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