Changing Things Up

After a lot of contemplation I decided to change a few things on my site. I have decided to not be so anonymous.

I will try to post as much as I can, but some days I just don’t really feel like posting. That’s just how it is, but I do want to post more frequently than I have been.

I have a ton of interests that pull me in a million directions at once, which is one of the reasons I kind of get sidetracked on writing on my blog.

February will be over tomorrow, and we’ll step into March. I never cease to be amazed at how quickly time passes by. I guess at some point it just all becomes a blur.

Here lately, I’ve really been focused on creating my own space in my craft room. Previously it has been a dumping ground for all things that had no real home in the house. It is not cleaned up, by any means, but it is slowly but surely improving. I have my recliner that I got at Big Lots (very comfy, by the way).

I’m trying to get together pieces of cloth to turn into a bohemian rag valance. If I ever get it done I’ll add a picture. I have a plant stand that came from BJ’s work. He stained it for me, and I’m going to put plants on it. My craft room gets western afternoon sun exposure. I think some plants will like it there. I’m planning on putting a few succulents in planters, because they’re cute and so easy to care for.

Plant Stand Staind

Soon we’ll begin our gardens. A cinderblock flowerbed with flowers and herbs in the holes, two straw bale gardens that will be 5 bales long a piece, and a fire pit. Next week we’ll start working on the beginning of the work for it. I have a ton of seeds to still go thru and sort.

Happy Leap Day!

Hungry Joey



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