Little Bit of Everything

Several different things have been going on with me lately. MrB went fishing in two tournaments this weekend. One was with my stepdad, and my mom sent me this beautiful crocheted hat and scarf combo that she made for me. New Scarf

The scarf is long and you double it up. You can wear it in various ways. The buttons are just decorative.Hat

Here’s the top of the hat. It’s kind of hard to tell, but it’s one of those slouchy style hats. I had requested a slouchy hat, and I got this beautiful combo. Very cool!

I’ve been spending some time on some Facebook groups in search of seeds for our backyard flower garden. I didn’t have any perennial flowers or herbs to put in the cinderblock flowerbed, so I looked to see if I could get some. I discovered that people in this world really are still kind and generous even to those they’ve never meet and never will meet. Yesterday, after a really depressing day when I came home, there was a bunch of envelopes filled with seeds from several different people online. I was over the moon. I will definitely be paying it forward. SeedsI think my flowerbeds will be so beautiful and will attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. I really hope so anyway. I’m hoping for a beautiful back yard this year.

I’m reading and learning about aromatherapy. I’m getting some bottles of different scents from my product testing, and I had a unique opportunity to product test a book specifically on aromatherapy. I’m trying to read, but I’ve been having some concentration issues lately. Hopefully I can make it thru it soon. It looks to be an informative and interesting book. AromatherapyBook

I might even learn how to make some cool things that MrB and I can both enjoy around the house. MrB has given me one of his old tackle boxes to keep some of my essential oils in. So far it works out well. The smaller compartments to hold the small bottles, and then there are big sections where I can put several of my larger bottles. I’m really excited to learn more about what all can be done with them.

I’m also looking to learn about herbs. I bought a small book on Amazon last week about herbs, and when I get a chance I’m going to start reading it. I ordered a few different seeds to try out in my garden this year to see if I can use medicinal seeds for my own health. It will be interesting to see.

We had a small snow this week in North Alabama. We got around 1/2″ on the ground, but nothing that caused many travel problems. MrB was at work, and my dad was here with me. We watched the beautiful flakes as they fell from the sky. They slowly melted away. The birds were really active at the feeder, and the “buffet line” my dad put out for them. He put a line of bird food out along the railing of my deck, and all kinds of birds took their spot on the rail and snacked on seeds. It was neat to watch.

It has been a bit of a hard week, but we’ve survived another week here at the house. MrB will be off all weekend. It is supposed to be pretty cold, but we might drag my plant stand out into the garage and stain it. Not really sure what we will do. Have a happy Valentine’s Day.



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