Hot and Cold

The temperatures have been strange around here this year so far. January was at times unseasonably warm with high’s in the mid-70’s. It makes you start thinking it’s spring, and that it’s time to prepare the garden. We’ve had a couple of days of rain bringing in a cold front, and now it’s in the 40’s. It’s supposed be get much colder over the next few nights.

I’m still planning my garden. I’ve joined a multitude of Facebook groups on seed swapping and gardening. I have a few seeds, but I have some really old ones, that I’m not sure are viable. I’m going to have to do the paper towel test. If you’re not familiar with this, you basically get a paper towel wet, squeeze out most of the water, lay it flat, put ideally no more than ten seeds that you’re testing inside, and cover up the seeds with another of the damp paper towel. Put this in a zipper bag and put it in a warm place. Check them daily, and make sure they don’t get too dry. If after about 10 days there is no germination, then they probably aren’t viable seeds. I have a ton of seeds from 2012, when we did a square foot garden. Some generous people on Facebook are sending me some flower, herbs, and vegetable seeds. I also ordered some herbs from an herbal seed company online Seeds of Thee. They have great prices. I’m looking forward to getting my seeds. MrB is getting an awesome deal on pavers that we’re going to use to create paths from our patio to our straw bale gardens to our flower/herb garden. Soon he’ll get the cinder blocks to make the two flower/herb beds. I’ll also be buying flower pots for the dahlias I got. Dahlia

Then I’ll need to get a pot to plant the purple angel trumpet flowers that we got seeds for. Angel Trumpet Seeds


I’m buying a potato grow bag to grow some really cool purple potatoes. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of them.

I’ve had to stop doing reviews on Amazon. They are not supportive of reviewers, so they’re making it harder for people to leave reviews. Oh well, it was cool while it lasted.

l have found a new knitting loom to work with. It’s the Zippy loom. It has four gigantic pegs, and you can connect them to make wider projects. I got all gung-ho and bought 2 of them. It takes #6-7 size yarns, which are bulky and super bulky. I’m going to try a scarf first. I’m having to use YouTube to learn how to use it better.


I am always seeing yarn that I want, but I saw a yarn that I’ve never seen before when I was in Joann Crafts. I would love to make some dishcloths with this:Scrubby Yarn


I had a wonderful blessing today. I have been on the Buy Nothing Project for a few months. I had been administrator of the list in my area at one time, but due to health reasons I wasn’t to continue. Anyway the premise of the Buy Nothing Project is to Ask, Gift, and Appreciate. It’s a little different than a regular Facebook yardsale group. I asked a little while back for some yarn to make hats for the homeless. A guy in our area said that his wife had cleared out some of her stash. I met with him today, and I got a box full. I’m going to take pictures and post them on the local group when some hats are made with that yarn.




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