Inventory and Improvements

As winter hums along, I find myself daydreaming about the things I’d like to do outside in my sunny back yard. I’m going thru ideas at rapid fire, and it’s hard to decide what will work out best.

I have tentatively decided on making a raised flower bed with cinder blocks, and then in the holes of the cinder blocks I’ll plant herbs. Cinder blocks will last a lot longer than wood, and the holes on top give me the extra growing room. I’d like to do two flower beds, but I’m afraid things will start getting a little too pricey. I keep looking at Pinterest for inspiration.

Like my mother before me, and her father before her. I really enjoy plants! I don’t know that much about them yet. I’m in the process of learning, but I’m interested in growing herbs (culinary and medicinal), vegetables, flowers, and maybe someday fruits. I got all my seeds out of the fridge, and made an inventory of all the seeds I do have. I have joined a couple of seed swapping groups on Facebook, and I’m hoping to get some new things to try.

The straw bale gardens will make a repeat appearance this year. If we can afford it I’m going to do two rows of 5 bales each with trellises. Either way, we’re going to build a support structure with wood for when the bales try to topple over from internal decomposition. I’m on a couple straw bale gardening groups on Facebook, and I’m learning a lot.

I will have a wooden plant stand in my craft room. It has three levels, and MrB bought a light fixture to clip onto the side of it so I can have my grow light going. I’m hoping to have houseplants mostly on it. MrB got me this Purple Passion plant yesterday.

Purple Passion

He bought me a couple ceramic pots that I can pot some of the plants that are starting to outgrow their current pots.

My craft room continues to be a happy place for me. It still needs a lot of decluttering, but I think it’s starting to come together. I’ve been spending a good bit of time in there cuddled up under an afghan that my mom just made me a few weeks ago.

I had wanted something over the doorway to look at, and feel inspired by. One day I was sitting here, and I thought of a quote that I’d heard, “Bloom where you are planted”. I searched on Etsy, and found the perfect vinyl decal. It arrived yesterday, and MrB put it up for me. I was so pleased with how it turned out.Bloom

The back wall is painted with as an accent wall. It is sort of a strange reddish-orange color. I’m not that fond of it, but I’ll keep it. That back wall will be where many family photos are displayed. I’m taking it one step at a time though, and just keeping all my ideas on a Pinterest board. It is turning into a sanctuary slowly, but surely.



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