Procedures and Snow

Brief history on some medical stuff that I’ve been dealing with. I’ve had migraines for well over a year now without any relief from medications. I started going to Vanderbilt University, and they began giving me Botox injections. On January 6 I had my second session. They tell you not to massage for 7 days, so at day 10 I was having a very stiff neck. I put a TENS unit on my neck to try to help. Almost immediately after doing that I started having trouble swallowing. Liquids would go down ok, but food felt like it was stick at the bottom of my throat, and the top of my chest. I paid my primary care doctor a visit after talking to Vandy over the weekend. They had recommended a barium swallow.

My dad is visiting, so he went with me to my appointment. I had the barium swallow first. Basically you just drink this chalky liquid and they take some x-rays  while your swallowing. After that I had an ultrasound done of my thyroid and the surround tissues. The radiologist said that my barium swallow looked totally normal.

I’ll be waiting a couple of days to hear results of the ultrasound. I honestly think my use of the TENS moved the botox causing the swallowing trouble. If that is the trouble then I should get better in 4-6 weeks


The afternoon started out with rain, and before we knew it the flurries started flying. It stopped snowing a little early. We got a light dusting, but it was beautiful to watch thru the windows.

We have a bird feeder that my dad built for us several years ago. It holds a suet cake on each end, and then a container filled in the center. The bird feeder is shaped like a house. I really enjoy watching the birds come to my feeder. MrB refilled the feeder this afternoon, and left a little trail of food along the railing of our deck. Those birds went wild.

I don’t know how the roads will be in the morning, but MrB is supposed to go in at 10 so maybe he’ll be able to go.




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