More Insomnia for Thursday

I ended up with some tossing and turning Wednesday morning. I finally got up and made MrB and I frozen biscuits. He loves covering them with apple butter. I went to take Joey outside to use the bathroom, and kept hearing roosters crowing. Such a funny sound since we live so close to town.

After he left for work I sat at my computer a while, and watched some TV. I talked to my dad on the phone. I took a couple of cat naps while watching TV. I worked on another hat, and they’re looking good. I’ve been buying little things here and there to add to my Christmas gift giving collection.

A couple weeks ago MrB moved some boxes around in my cluttered craft room so I could get to the yarn in my closet. I now feel the urge clean it as much as possible. I have a dream of having a nice chair, while being able to read a book or surf the internet in peaceful location. It’s definitely not that way right now. I got some stuff together and we took it to the thrift store near our house. Now if I could just get the cleaning the house part down. I found a lot of things I had been looking for, and found plenty to donate or throw away. MrB brought in some plastic shelving units. He put on in the kitchen, he put one in my craft room, and the rest he has sitting in the garage. Maybe all of this will be motivation to keep on going.

On another note, I’m trying to get people to donate yarn to me so I can make some warm things for those who are homeless. I posted a few places on Craigslist. We’ll see what happens. I’m thinking of learning as many tips and tricks for items I can make on the looms. I’m really rather excited.

Frugal Things of Today

  • No heat or a/c on
  • All but dinner was from home. (I’m working at not suggesting we eat somewhere)
  • Decluttered some in the house, and was able to take two big boxes to the thrift store.
  • Didn’t go into any store where I might be tempted to buy some cute socks. I’m asking for them from everyone this year
  • Decluttering will help me be more organized, which  saves time and money
  • Worked on Christmas presents

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