Busy Wednesday

I tossed and turned in bed for over an hour, so I decided to go head and get up. I woke up for good around one in the morning. I did some reading online and working on my loom knitting. MrB had to be at work early, but I baked some biscuits. He covered his food in apple butter

After he left for work I took a short nap, and then got up and moving around. I did some reading and loom knitting. I’m making significant progress.

I had an appointment at noon, but I left a little earlier to pick up some photos related to Christmas projects at Walgreens. I also found my grandmother some light blue nail polish.

After I was finished at my appointment, I headed to Tractor Supply. I bought a huge 35 pound gag of bird food to encourage some more birds this year. I also bought a suet cake, and also a suet cake container. I have plan on using suet cake container to put scraps of yarn, vegetation, and sticks. This will help give the birds materials needed

After I got home I unloaded the car, except for the bird food. Joey was happy to see me. I started MrB’s favorite quinoa enchilada casserole. It turned out great.

Later in the evening I had MrB bring few things in from the craft room, so I can stop hoarding so much. I have desire to declutter.

Frugal Things of the Day

  • All meals eaten from home
  • No heat or A/C
  • Worked on Christmas presents

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