Tuesday With Family

I woke up about 6 and started my day with a cup of coffee. I cooked some frozen biscuits, and had them crumbled up with some low sugar apple butter. I then sat and watched the news for a little while. My dad arrived with my grandmother at about 9:30, and shortly after we hit the road.

We took my grandmother to a doctor’s appointment, and then went to Subway for some lunch. After lunch we drove to the main entrance of the hospital closest to my house. She had a test performed there, and then we went to another medical building for her to get bloodwork done. We got extremely lucky, because just as we were leaving the medical plaza a fire alarm started going off. They were pulling people outside and, as we left a fire truck drove up.

My dad dropped me off at home, and went to take my grandmother home. MrB was already off work, and watching a show on the DVR. We had stirfry for dinner, with enough left over for work tomorrow.

We spent the evening watching football and I worked on Christmas presents.

Today’s Frugal Activities

  • Ate lunch and dinner at home, while being treated out to lunch by my dad.
  • Still no a/c or heat on
  • Continued my work on Christmas presents which will hopefully be done before too long.

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