Back on Track for November

Looking back at October, we didn’t do as well as we have been doing on our grocery purchases. We ended up spending $363 instead of $350, but overall it could’ve been much worse. We spent more eating out due to our anniversary, and a little laziness to be truthful. Even with Thanksgiving coming up this month, I’m confident that we can keep our spending within the $350 budget. I will be cooking Thanksgiving lunch for MrB, my dad, and my grandmother. I’ve got to work out the menu. Since MrB and I are vegetarian we don’t eat the turkey, but I make a small turkey breast for my dad and grandma. MrB and I eat something called a field roast that is a meat alternative. I’m not sure we’ll even do that this year. I haven’t decided.

Last month we bought a few items of clothing, and I plan on buying some more. MrB found some pants at a small store out in the country that has some great products. I bought a shirt, and some super warm socks. Since losing so much weight so far this year, I find that some of my clothes have gotten too big. I need some more pajamas, and possibly some more pants. I’m putting aside money in the budget for a couple clothing purchases.

I’ve continued to work on loom knitted hats for Christmas gifts. I’ve made about 8 or 9 hats so far with a few more to go. I’m thinking of making a few knit scrubbies to go along with the hats, and homemade vanilla extract. I’ve already ordered some labels from Etsy to put on my vanilla bottles. I still need to order the bottles.

As this month starts I’m hopeful for setting some long term goals that we can strive to work towards. I want a finite idea of where we’re going so we can properly plan. MrB hadn’t checked before, but he wasn’t funding his 401K. He is now funding up to 6% which is what his employer matches. All these years he’s been working there, and not taking full advantage of the matching funds. Live and learn.

There’s lots of things coming up over the next few weeks, and I want to try to take life slow, and not feel so rushed. Have a wonderful day!

Some Frugal Things Accomplished

  • Christmas presents made from home.
  • No heat or A/C on for well over a month.
  • Washed clothes in cold water for the most part with homemade laundry detergent.

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