Friday With MrB

I had more insomnia Thursday night, so I was awake most of the night. I made coffee and watched the news. I woke MrB up about 7:30 and while he was waking up I had some cheesy grits.

I spent most of the early part of the day going thru things in my craft room and organizing it some. I’m making pretty good progress. I’m going to get everything I don’t need out of the room first, and then set about organizing the stuff I am keeping. I found a few things that will be useful for Christmas gifts. I’m getting rid of quiet a few things, but I found some toiletries that I plan on donating to the local homeless shelter.

I took a nap in the early afternoon, and then we got ready to go out. MrB had an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. He’s been suffering with painful elbows. He got a shot in one of them, and he’s supposed to do some physical therapy.

It was dark by the time we got out of the doctor’s office. We headed to the grocery store instead of going out to eat for dinner. We stopped by the pharmacy, and then headed home. We had veggie burgers and french fries.

I went to bed kind of early, because I just couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Frugal Things of the Day

  • No a/c or heat on.
  • Ate from home
  • Decluttering, which can help me be more frugal by seeing how much junk I have that I have no need for.

More Insomnia for Thursday

I ended up with some tossing and turning Wednesday morning. I finally got up and made MrB and I frozen biscuits. He loves covering them with apple butter. I went to take Joey outside to use the bathroom, and kept hearing roosters crowing. Such a funny sound since we live so close to town.

After he left for work I sat at my computer a while, and watched some TV. I talked to my dad on the phone. I took a couple of cat naps while watching TV. I worked on another hat, and they’re looking good. I’ve been buying little things here and there to add to my Christmas gift giving collection.

A couple weeks ago MrB moved some boxes around in my cluttered craft room so I could get to the yarn in my closet. I now feel the urge clean it as much as possible. I have a dream of having a nice chair, while being able to read a book or surf the internet in peaceful location. It’s definitely not that way right now. I got some stuff together and we took it to the thrift store near our house. Now if I could just get the cleaning the house part down. I found a lot of things I had been looking for, and found plenty to donate or throw away. MrB brought in some plastic shelving units. He put on in the kitchen, he put one in my craft room, and the rest he has sitting in the garage. Maybe all of this will be motivation to keep on going.

On another note, I’m trying to get people to donate yarn to me so I can make some warm things for those who are homeless. I posted a few places on Craigslist. We’ll see what happens. I’m thinking of learning as many tips and tricks for items I can make on the looms. I’m really rather excited.

Frugal Things of Today

  • No heat or a/c on
  • All but dinner was from home. (I’m working at not suggesting we eat somewhere)
  • Decluttered some in the house, and was able to take two big boxes to the thrift store.
  • Didn’t go into any store where I might be tempted to buy some cute socks. I’m asking for them from everyone this year
  • Decluttering will help me be more organized, which  saves time and money
  • Worked on Christmas presents

Busy Wednesday

I tossed and turned in bed for over an hour, so I decided to go head and get up. I woke up for good around one in the morning. I did some reading online and working on my loom knitting. MrB had to be at work early, but I baked some biscuits. He covered his food in apple butter

After he left for work I took a short nap, and then got up and moving around. I did some reading and loom knitting. I’m making significant progress.

I had an appointment at noon, but I left a little earlier to pick up some photos related to Christmas projects at Walgreens. I also found my grandmother some light blue nail polish.

After I was finished at my appointment, I headed to Tractor Supply. I bought a huge 35 pound gag of bird food to encourage some more birds this year. I also bought a suet cake, and also a suet cake container. I have plan on using suet cake container to put scraps of yarn, vegetation, and sticks. This will help give the birds materials needed

After I got home I unloaded the car, except for the bird food. Joey was happy to see me. I started MrB’s favorite quinoa enchilada casserole. It turned out great.

Later in the evening I had MrB bring few things in from the craft room, so I can stop hoarding so much. I have desire to declutter.

Frugal Things of the Day

  • All meals eaten from home
  • No heat or A/C
  • Worked on Christmas presents

Tuesday With Family

I woke up about 6 and started my day with a cup of coffee. I cooked some frozen biscuits, and had them crumbled up with some low sugar apple butter. I then sat and watched the news for a little while. My dad arrived with my grandmother at about 9:30, and shortly after we hit the road.

We took my grandmother to a doctor’s appointment, and then went to Subway for some lunch. After lunch we drove to the main entrance of the hospital closest to my house. She had a test performed there, and then we went to another medical building for her to get bloodwork done. We got extremely lucky, because just as we were leaving the medical plaza a fire alarm started going off. They were pulling people outside and, as we left a fire truck drove up.

My dad dropped me off at home, and went to take my grandmother home. MrB was already off work, and watching a show on the DVR. We had stirfry for dinner, with enough left over for work tomorrow.

We spent the evening watching football and I worked on Christmas presents.

Today’s Frugal Activities

  • Ate lunch and dinner at home, while being treated out to lunch by my dad.
  • Still no a/c or heat on
  • Continued my work on Christmas presents which will hopefully be done before too long.

Lunch With My Hubby

I woke up at about 4:50 to make some biscuits for MrB and myself for breakfast. I watched the news after he left, and did some knitting. I weighed for my Weight Watchers weigh-in, and I’d lost a little over half a pound. Slowly but surely I’m getting there. Then I got ready to go out for a few hours.

I went to Joann’s Fabrics and bought a couple $1 pairs of gloves to add to my Christmas gifts. Then I went to Michael’s Crafts. They have a $1 section at the front of the store. I bought several bottles of hand soap to go along with Christmas gifts, I found a couple pair of striped socks, and then I got some notecards. I participate in   a program called Chemo Angels where I send little notes to chemo patient’s to help encourage them.

Then I went to a health food supermarket called Sprouts. I don’t go very often, but they have some neat items. I bought a couple of different kinds of tea, and some of my shampoo that had a $2 off coupon on it. I use Nature’s Gate Herbal, because it isn’t tested on animals and leaves my hair very soft.

I went to Smashburger to meet MrB for lunch. I haven’t been there in a long time, and it was pretty yummy. I get a sandwich with a black bean patty, avocados, pepper jack cheese, and ranch.

After eating lunch with MrB, I drove home and did a little Christmas shopping online. I’m trying to get as far ahead as quickly as I can. I enjoyed some tea during the afternoon, and took a short nap.

MrB got home later than I expected, but I got some pasta going for supper. I wanted to make enough for him to have some to take for lunch the next day. MrB watched football in the evening, and I did some loom knitting. I’m making hats for my nephews that are in a camouflage dyed yarn. I’m also going to make one for my father-in-law. I also did some reading online.

I laid down to go to bed a little after 9. I had my essential oil diffuser going with some lavender, which is soothing.

Today wasn’t the most frugal day, but it wasn’t too bad.

Frugal Things of the Day

  • No heat or A/C on
  • Breakfast at home
  • Worked on Christmas presents from home
  • Bought things from the $1 bin for Christmas gifts
  • Dinner at home that will turn into MrB’s lunch

Back on Track for November

Looking back at October, we didn’t do as well as we have been doing on our grocery purchases. We ended up spending $363 instead of $350, but overall it could’ve been much worse. We spent more eating out due to our anniversary, and a little laziness to be truthful. Even with Thanksgiving coming up this month, I’m confident that we can keep our spending within the $350 budget. I will be cooking Thanksgiving lunch for MrB, my dad, and my grandmother. I’ve got to work out the menu. Since MrB and I are vegetarian we don’t eat the turkey, but I make a small turkey breast for my dad and grandma. MrB and I eat something called a field roast that is a meat alternative. I’m not sure we’ll even do that this year. I haven’t decided.

Last month we bought a few items of clothing, and I plan on buying some more. MrB found some pants at a small store out in the country that has some great products. I bought a shirt, and some super warm socks. Since losing so much weight so far this year, I find that some of my clothes have gotten too big. I need some more pajamas, and possibly some more pants. I’m putting aside money in the budget for a couple clothing purchases.

I’ve continued to work on loom knitted hats for Christmas gifts. I’ve made about 8 or 9 hats so far with a few more to go. I’m thinking of making a few knit scrubbies to go along with the hats, and homemade vanilla extract. I’ve already ordered some labels from Etsy to put on my vanilla bottles. I still need to order the bottles.

As this month starts I’m hopeful for setting some long term goals that we can strive to work towards. I want a finite idea of where we’re going so we can properly plan. MrB hadn’t checked before, but he wasn’t funding his 401K. He is now funding up to 6% which is what his employer matches. All these years he’s been working there, and not taking full advantage of the matching funds. Live and learn.

There’s lots of things coming up over the next few weeks, and I want to try to take life slow, and not feel so rushed. Have a wonderful day!

Some Frugal Things Accomplished

  • Christmas presents made from home.
  • No heat or A/C on for well over a month.
  • Washed clothes in cold water for the most part with homemade laundry detergent.