Wednesday morning I woke up about 5, and went to get some coffee. MrB had gone to work early, so there was already some made. My dad came into the living room right after I did. We watched some TV and then decided to get out of the house. Joey did not approve.


First we went to Subway to have some lunch. Then we went to Costco, and bought a few things. Including our family favorite block of sharp cheddar. I browsed thru the grocery section and got an idea of some things I might need soon.

I then went to Kroger for some almond milk, and that was a quick in and out trip. Then we headed home which made Joey happy.

I made black eyed peas, corn muffins, and sweet potatoes for dinner. Then we went to Cabela’s to see the store that just opened up. It is very similar to the Bass Pro Shops I’ve been to. MrB has been a bit under the weather, so he didn’t even try to buy fishing tackle.

We came home, and I worked some on my loom knitting. Then I went to bed around 10.

Thursday morning I woke up about 6:30 and drank some coffee. My dad and I both got ready and left the house for some appointments. We stopped to get some gas for my car, and headed to my first appointment. It took longer than I expected, especially since there was hardly anyone in the waiting room.

After my appointment we went to a local diner to eat a late breakfast. It is always so yummy. I had a three cheese omelette, cheesy grits, and toast. I had to get a box, because there was so much food.

We went to my dad’s appointment, and while I was waiting on him I decided to go next door to Starbucks to get a plain coffee. I would’ve loved a yummy flavored coffee, but I figured my waistline and wallet would prefer a plain coffee.

After his appointment was over we went to the pharmacy for me to drop off a prescription.

We then headed to my last appointment of the day. I was able to get in early, because the person ahead of me moved their appointment.

After I finished my appointment my dad and I went home. Not too long after we got home MrB arrived. We decided to go eat dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. It’s in a small building, and it’s very yummy. I got a plate dinner with a tamale, cheese enchilada, rice, and beans. I wasn’t able to eat all of it, so it went into the fridge when we got home.

After dinner we went home. We sat and visited a while, and watched some football. I ended up going to bed around 10.

Frugal Things Done

I have to be honest that frugality hasn’t been on the forefront this week. However here is what I’ve done.

  • Windows open, so no heat or A/C.
  • Always turning the power strip for the entertainment center off whenever I leave the room.
  • Attempted to work on a hat for a Christmas gift, but I keep messing up and having to start over. I will get it right eventually.
  • Ate some meals from home.

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