Sunday and Monday Happenings

Sunday morning I woke up about 7 and had some coffee. I did some meditation and ate some cheesy grits. We hung around the house being lazy, and then got ready to go grocery shopping.

We went to the local produce market and got about $11 in food. Then we headed to Kroger where we got about $37 dollars worth of groceries. We came home, and unloaded everything and sat down for a while.

I started a meatless lasagna dish in the late afternoon. It takes an hour to cook, and is well worth the wait. My dad came up to our house around the time it came out of the oven.

After dinner I started two loaves of bread. I got them into the oven after two rises, and they baked for about 25 minutes. I let them cool on racks, but I did get MrB to cut off a little piece for me to taste test.

We spent the evening talking and watching football. I spent time working on my loom knitting. So far I’ve made 6 hats. I’m definitely making progress on our Christmas gift stash. I went to bed fairly early in the evening.

So far our grocery budget is hanging in there. We have about $55.11 left over. I’m really hoping we can make it until the end of the month.

I woke up around 6:15 on Monday morning. My dad woke up not long after I did. MrB got up not too long afterwards, and decided it wasn’t too cold to go fishing. He will fish in freezing temperatures, but I’m not up for that. I had a peanut butter sandwich.

My dad had an appointment at 9:15, and we left early to take some back roads to get there. The state is doing some major construction on the main highway that we usually take to get to town. There is a back route to avoid the major backup. We were at his appointment for a couple hours, and then we headed home. We stopped at Subway on the way back, and ate a little lunch. I eat a veggie patty sandwich, which to me is oh so yummy.

MrB came home from fishing, and we sat around for a little while. Later in the afternoon MrB bought a Groupon for a deal to Donato’s Pizza. We all love it, so we headed out. We took a backroads route to get there to avoid rush hour traffic. We went to Home Depot after eating for MrB to get some supplies to wash his truck and to get us some garbage bags. We had gotten some bags from them a few weeks ago, but they are terrible. They fall down into the can whenever you throw something in there.

After we got home we mostly watched football. I read a few things online and worked on loom knitting. We went to bed around 10:30.


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