10 Years of Marriage

Thursday was a very special day for me and MrB. On October 15, 2005 we said our wedding vows in front of a small group of friends and family in front of a beautiful waterfall in a gorgeous park. 10 years ago I married my best friend, and in our years as husband and wife we’ve seen for better, and for worse. We’re a stronger couple for it all.


We started our day eating pancakes that I had frozen the other day. Around 10 am we started on our mini road trip for the day.

We started our day out at a restaurant about an hour from our house. I had looked up where to eat in the little town, and found a place we had never eaten. It was in a little rock house. We enjoyed a veggie pizza, with an amazing crust. The ambiance was wonderful.

Waiting for our food
Waiting for our food

Our second stop was Noccalula Falls in Gasden, Alabama. The falls were rather dry, almost slowed to a trickle. Noccalula Falls drops 90 feet into a ravine. There is a bronze statue of a Cherokee woman. The local legend says that Noccolula was a Cherokee woman who jumped off the falls to her death after her father arranged her marriage to a white man. I’m not sure if it is just a legend or if it really happened. We first visited this park several years ago. We didn’t go into the state park, but instead walked in a public park that takes you directly to the falls.

MrB at Noccolula Falls.
MrB at Noccolula Falls.

After leaving Gasden we took a meandering route north toward Desoto Falls in Mentone, Alabama. Desoto is up on a mountain, and to get to the falls we drove down some winding roads lined with beautiful mountain cabins. Many of the cabins have names, and can be rented out. Most of the cabins have views off Lookout Mountain. When we arrived at Desoto we walked down to the spot where you can view the falls. In contrast to Noccolula Falls, Desoto Falls was roaring. Desoto falls 104 feet down into a valley. There were quiet a few people milling around and taking in the scenery.

The top part of Desoto Falls
The top part of Desoto Falls

We left there, and took another meandering path north toward Chattanooga, Tennessee. We were riding in a valley between the mountains. We had originally planned to take the Lookout Mountain Parkway across the top of the mountain to get toward Chattanooga, but we sort of got turned around. We tend to get lost when we go places, but that’s ok.

We arrived in Chattanooga around rush hour, and it took us a little longer to get to our destination than we had anticipated. The destination was a vegan/vegetarian restaurant called Sluggo’s. It’s a little restaurant in downtown Chattanooga in a very small building. We first went there in 2013 when were eating a totally vegan diet at the time. Not having a lot of dining choices for being a vegan, we were thrilled to find this place. This visit we ate the same thing we did when we came the first time. It was a burrito filled with black beans and rice. Covering the burrito was melted vegan cheese topping. On the side we had vegan chili filled with meat alternative crumbles. The meal was great.

Our dining location in Chattanooga
Our dining location in Chattanooga

After eating, we decided it was time to go home, especially since Joey had been locked up in the kitchen for quiet a while. MrB swears he saw a spotted wild pig standing on the side of the interstate. I didn’t catch it in time to see it. We had seen a line of deer up on Lookout Mountain earlier in the day.

After we arrived home we watched some football on TV, and I went to bed before MrB. It was a wonderful anniversary, and I’m looking forward to the rest of our lives together.


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