Monday Knitting

I woke up Monday morning around 7, and started the coffee. I watched a little news until MrB woke up about 8. He ate oatmeal and I had cheesy grits. We watched TV for part of the morning, and I cooked pasta for lunch.

MrB had to be at work at 12, so I sent him with a bowl of leftover soup and cornbread for his dinner. I took a nap in the afternoon.

I had started a new hat on the loom, and I got to the point of making the brim. I started a different stitch, and it turned out all wrong. I tried unraveling the thread to the point I wanted to fix it, but it didn’t turn out right. I ended up totally starting over.

While I was knitting I listened to the Slow Your Home podcast. I am trying to live a more simple and mindful life. I may not ever become a minimalist, but the whole idea of simple living isn’t totally about minimalism. I think slowing down, and more intentionally enjoying life is what I am striving for. I’m learning so many important things from this podcast. I’m listening to them in order starting from the first episode. I’m almost caught up, and I plan on listening to some different podcasts on slow living and frugality.

I spent most of the evening knitting and listening to podcasts. It really works well to listen to them while knitting, because I can multitask listening to something. It’s not as easy for me to try to watch TV and knit. I have to be able to watch what I’m doing on the work in front of me. I made got back to finishing the brim, and quiet a few rows of the main body of the hat. I hope to finish it on Tuesday.

I enjoyed some leftover soup for dinner, and knitted until I decided to go to bed around 9:30.

Frugal Activities of the Day

  • All meals eaten at home, and leftovers for MrB’s dinner at work.
  • No heat or A/C on. Loving the fall temps!
  • Making Christmas presents from yarn I already had here at home.
  • Using my power strip on my entertainment center I kept the power off to most of entertainment appliances most of the day.
  • I personally stayed at home all day, so I didn’t use any gas. MrB made his usual trip to and from work.

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