Thursday Review

I woke up Thursday morning much later than I usually get up. It was almost 8:30 when I rolled out of bed. Still sore from the Botox injections, I wasn’t enthusiastic to do anything much. MrB woke up at the same time I did, and he started some coffee. He took care of me by fixing me some scrambled eggs.

MrB left at 11 in order to get around some road work on the main route to his job. He took left over stir-fry for his lunch, while I cooked pasta for lunch.

I spent the evening doing a few little chores. I watered the mums on my front porch, and the herb garden on the back deck. I started a load of dishes in the dishwasher, and fed Denver his dinner. I enjoyed catching up on some blog posts and listening to some podcasts. I started my next hat for Christmas. I picked a pretty rosy pink yarn for the next two hats. For dinner I had a microwave meal. Over time I would like to move away from freezer meals with all their preservatives. I want to make some food for the freezer to make my own freezer meals.

We got our utility bill in the mail which includes electric, water, and garbage. It was significantly less than less month, but still higher than I expected. Looking at our water usage, I determined that since we started the garden, and were watering twice a day, that we were using a great amount of water. MrB went outside and took the timer off the garden for the season. Next year, I’ll do one watering a day for a little longer at a time. The good news is that keeping our windows open for almost a month truly has made a difference. Our total utility bill went down from $168 to $117. I think that’s a win. I’m planning on conserving water more, and at the same time keep an eye on the usage so I can tell if there is some sort of water leak.

No money was spent on groceries today, so I’m pleased. Our $350/mo grocery budget has been successful so far. I hope to move to a tighter budget on all our expenses over time. So far we’ve worked on groceries and we’re working on minimizing our Christmas gift spending. I’m slowly working on not eating out, but we still have a little way to go. I have a good feeling that we can set great goals and reach them. I’m also using this blog as my accountability tool. I’d like to have a daily list on the bottom of all my blog posts to show what I have done that day to be frugal.

Thursday’s Frugal Activities

  • Kept windows open with no A/C or heat running
  • Ate all meals from home and didn’t leave the house
  • Kept television components off with the smart power strip when I wasn’t using it.
  • Read blogs and listened to podcasts to learn more about self-sufficiency and saving money.
  • MrB took his lunch to work
  • I didn’t buy anything, but MrB bought some wasp spray. We definitely need the spray, because we have wasp nests all over our deck.

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