I woke up Wednesday at 4, and started some coffee and made some scrambled eggs. I woke MrB up at 5, and we started getting ready to go to Nashville. We left around 6.

I have been having almost continuous migraines for 10 months. I’ve tried a multitude of medications with little to no relief. I made an appointment about a month ago to go to the Vanderbilt Headache Clinic in Nashville. At my appointment my doctor suggested that we try Boxtox to treat them. She said I would get them every 3 months, and it would probably take 3  sessions for the most benefit to begin.

We arrived at my appointment early, and I was taken to a room rather quickly. It wasn’t long before the doctor came in. She injected me starting at my forehead and went all the way down to the tops of my shoulders. I probably had about 30 injections over my entire head. I made my next two appointments, and we were on our way.

We headed to Opry Mills mall, because MrB needed some new shoes for work. Something broke the other day on the shoes he had been wearing, and there were some thin spots in the soles. So he went to the Nike store, and found a pair of shoes for about $25. We went to eat lunch at a Mexican restaurant, and then we decided to head home because I wasn’t feeling too well.

We made it home a couple hours later, and watched some TV. Then we both took a nap. The Botox injections made me very sore and drained. Hopefully next time I get the injections it won’t feel this way.

We had leftover Mexican food for dinner. I watched some TV while MrB spent time reading on the Internet. I went to bed before he did, at about 9:30.


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