Quiet Monday and Tuesday

MrB went to work Monday morning before I woke up at 7. I enjoyed my coffee and watched some news. I had some vegetarian deli slices in a sandwich with homemade bread. For lunch I had a microwave veggie lasagna, and MrB had taken egg noodles and cabbage. For dinner I made lentil and Swiss chard soup. To make it, I chopped some onions. I put the onions with some garlic and olive oil in a skillet, and I let them cook a few minutes. Then I put a carton of vegetable broth, and a cup of rinsed lentils. I brought those to a boil, and then turned the heat down to a simmer. I let it cook for 45 minutes, and then I put in some Swiss chard, salt, and pepper. After the Swiss chard had wilted I splashed in some red wine vinegar. I also had a very small sweet potato that my mom had gotten me from the Amish community in Tennessee. I washed some dishes, and spent the evening watching a little TV and continuing to slowly work on the next hat I’m making. MrB had to run to the grocery store, and while he was there he bought a couple of groceries. I did my meditation while he was at the store.

I’m pleased to say I lost another 3.8 pounds. I’ve lost about 56 pounds now, and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. I started Weight Watchers on January 19, and I’ve been very satisfied so far.

Tuesday was also a quiet day. I woke up again at 7, did my meditation, and then drank some coffee. I had scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. I did some knitting and reading. I took a nap in the early afternoon, and had egg noodles and cabbage for lunch. MrB took the same thing for his lunch.

For dinner we prepared a stir fry. MrB chopped a few veggies, and I prepared a pot of wild rice and quinoa blend. Once he had the veggies chopped I put them in some olive oil in a skillet. Those steamed for about 15 minutes, and they were ready.

After dinner we decided to run a few errands. We went to the bank, went to Home Depot and used a gift card to buy some garbage bags, got some coffee and cheddar cheese from Costco, drove to Target to get some dishwasher detergent, and then finally stopped at Publix for a couple grocery items. So far this month we have spent  about $150.

After we went home we watched an interesting show on the History channel. I finished the third hat of many more left for Christmas presents. I’m on a roll right now.


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