Sunday on the River

Sunday morning I woke up around 7:00. It was pretty cool outside, so we waited for it to warm up before heading toward the river. As MrB prepared the boat, he told me I had something on the front porch. These guys greeted me.

Mums Mums1

I absolutely love mums, and I had asked MrB to see if he could get me some. I love surprises, so I was very happy.

We loaded up, and went to Subway for a little breakfast. I really should’ve prepared better for our eating. Next time we go out, I plan to have plenty of food choices. We stopped to get some water, and then we stopped for gas for the boat.

We arrived at the river, and got the boat in the water. We got our lifejackets on, and headed out into the main part of the water. We stopped for a while, and MrB caught a couple fish. It wasn’t as cold as I thought it’d be. I had practically been prepared for winter fishing. I had a long sleeve shirt on, a hoodie, and a thick coat. I also had thick socks on. I ended up getting hot, and took my socks off and was down to my shirt with the sleeves pushed up.

The scenery is always beautiful where we go. The mountains meet the river all around you. It is so peaceful. There are birds of all kinds in the air, and on the water.


While MrB was fishing, I was reading some of my herbal magazines. I’m learning some great information from my magazines, and I’m planning on learning as much as I can about herbal and non-traditional medicine.

When we finished our trip I was extremely hungry, so we went to Pizza Hut for a late lunch. We still have a lot to work on with the food situation so we don’t let ourselves get too hungry and end up eating out. Lessons are being learned every day.

We came home, and MrB started mowing the grass. I finished loom knitting one of my hats for a Christmas present, and then started on the next one. I went outside to say hello to Denver.


I also checked out my herbs on the back deck, and I’m pleased with how they look. I’m going to harvest some of them soon. HerbGarden

After MrB finished mowing we watched some NFL games, and he stayed up longer than I did watching them.


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