Beginning October

October started out very fall-like; breezy, cloudy, and cool. I woke up around 6:15 and started my day with meditation, then coffee and the news. I had scrambled eggs for breakfast. I spent part of the morning loom knitting and listening to podcasts. I had leftover pasta for lunch.

MrB got off work, and we went out to do some grocery shopping. Our first stop was the produce store near town. They have some great apples that are locally grown and have no wax coating on the outside of them. After a long time of being without black eyed peas in their bulk bins, I finally was able to get some this time. I was excited to see there was some Swiss chard back in stock. We then headed to Kroger. Our final stop was the farmer’s market store closest to our home. We got some farm fresh eggs there. They’re getting more expensive as the seasons change. In total we spent $110.25, which hopefully will last us a little bit.

We had a frozen pizza for dinner, and watched football on TV in the evening. I spent a little time reading and knitting. We continue to keep the windows open, and it was nice and cool for sleeping.


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