September Round Up

Well, we’ve come to the end of another month. This year has flown by unlike any I remember. Here’s the best news of the day…

We kept to our $350 budget for the month!

In fact we came in $2.37 under budget. I’m learning to become creative in the kitchen with the ingredients. I’m thankfully starting to gain some confidence in myself to do the things I’d like to in the kitchen.

Due to my birthday happening this month, we ate out a couple of times. I’m adamant that I do better in October. As I’m learning to make more things, the more I enjoy the taste of homemade foods even more.

I’m committing myself to becoming more and more frugal as I go along. Certain things I buy are not especially the most “frugal” like cruelty free products, some organic produce, and occasionally higher quality products built to last. It’s all about balance when it comes to our frugal endeavors.

My day started out really early at 4:30 this morning. I started the morning with meditation. I am turning back to guided meditation sessions to help me with anxiety issues I have. I have a couple of great apps on my phone that I use. One is Buddhify and the other is Insight Timer. Insight timer has tons of guided meditations and forums to discuss meditation. Buddhify has a colored wheel showing different situations, and each category expands out to show different meditation sessions. I love both of these apps.

After meditation, I enjoyed my coffee and then made some pancakes. I made up my own homemade pancake mix, and I have an old plastic bowl with a spout and handle that makes it perfect for pouring them onto the griddle. I topped them with a little maple syrup. I made enough that I put the rest on a cookie sheet, and popped them in the freezer.

I had an appointment at noon, and I took my own water with me. Before I went there I took a detour to Hobby Lobby to look at some yarn. I was also looking for amber colored bottles to put my vanilla extract in. I think I’ll have to buy my amber bottles on Amazon. I found some beautiful yarn, and I wanted to buy the whole yarn department but I only bought enough for trying to make dishcloths and a skein of Alabama colored yarn for hats.

I love yarn!
I love yarn!

I came straight home after my appointment, and ate a bowl of oatmeal. I cleaned the kitchen some, and then sat down to do some knitting. I listened to podcasts while I was knitting.

When MrB got home, we sat out on the deck watching it sprinkle. It was cool, but muggy. We sat out there for about 30 minutes, and I decided to get up and start some supper. We ended up having pasta with some of the leftover sauce from the spaghetti squash. I put some freshly picked basil in it as well.

After we ate I started a pot of wild rice and quinoa blend for MrB to take to lunch with him. He likes eating these certain microwave lentils, but only if he has something to stir them in.

I put the 8 pancakes in freezer bags. I separated each pancake with a strip of wax paper. I made two separate bags, and got them put in the fridge. I intend on making more of these and also making waffles to freeze.

Yes, this is Joey in a suitcase. I think he wants to travel.
Yes, this is Joey in a suitcase. I think he wants to travel.

How was your September?


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