It’s the End of the Week

Thursday was a quiet day here at the house. I had an egg sandwich for breakfast, and leftover peas and okra for lunch. MrB took leftover peas and okra for his lunch. I made quinoa enchilada casserole for dinner. Again I only got a little over one bowlful of it, and the hubby got the rest. We spent the evening hanging out watching a little TV. No money was spent on groceries. I did buy a few of my supplements on eBay. I take a lot of vitamins and supplements.

Quinoa enchilada casserole.
Quinoa enchilada casserole.

Friday was also a quiet day. MrB took enchilada casserole for his lunch. I ate an egg sandwich for breakfast. I sat out on the deck and it was a little cooler than I expected. The skies were gray and it started to sprinkle. It rained for a while, and that made me sleepy and it made Joey sleepy too. I took a nap, and when MrB got off of work he came home, I was already working on a recipe. I decided to try the Betty Crocker Meatless Lasagna that my mother made for my birthday dinner. It turned out pretty good, but I tweaked a couple of things so it didn’t turn out as good as my mom’s. I used all ricotta cheese instead of cottage cheese like my mom. I didn’t have shredded parmesan, so I used the bottle of parmesan that I usually put over the top of my pasta. It still turned out great for my first time.

Joey has been experiencing some arthritic symptoms since he got his vaccinations. We called the vet and they said it shouldn’t be from them. He is having trouble jumping onto the couch. He has not been able to jump onto the bed for several years, but he’s not had trouble jumping onto the couch until this past week. I put him on the couch, and he stayed there most of the afternoon. I’m thinking of getting him some sort of joint supplement to take.

Sleepy Joey
Sleepy Joey

I’m interested in herbs and alternative medicine. I read as much as I can in magazines and online. I already get the Herb Quarterly magazine, but I found another herb magazine called The Essential Herbal. I subscribed last Friday, and I got the copy in the mail Wednesday. I think a big part of self-sufficiency is being able to take care of ourselves health wise. I’m already growing holy basil, feverfew, turmeric, lemon balm, and comfrey. I’ll be learning how to use all these, and I’m going to try to grow even more. I also grow some culinary herbs that have multi-uses. I’m growing thyme, rosemary, and basil. I’d like to grow some oregano.


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