Joey and the Visit to the Vet

The early part of Friday was quiet. I drank coffee, ate cheesy grits, and watched some television.

I took a nap, but I’m going to make it a goal for myself to not take as many naps. We’ll see how well I do on that.

I went downstairs to feed Denver. He was playful and wanted to be brushed. I spent some time with him brushing his fur and scratching his back. He ate some of his food when I was down there. He actually eats less than Joey. Denver is 105 pounds, and Joey is 30 pounds.

In the early afternoon MrB got off work and came home to pick Joey and I up for Joey’s long overdue trip to the vet. We have a wonderful vet who prayed over my dog Cisco when he had to be put to sleep at age 16 due to cancer. That was in 2012, and I still have a bit of a hard time going there. The vet’s office is set up in an old house. It sits up on a hill, and there’s a nice porch out front. Joey is rather anti-social, so MrB took him outside after he snarled at the veterinary assistant. He thankfully didn’t see the office kitty that was strolling around.

He was tested for heartworms, had his nails clipped, and had an overall check. He has a bacterial infection underneath his mouth that the vet said can happen easily in cocker spaniels because of their droopy mouths. He gave us a shampoo to wash him in to get rid of some of the bacteria, and the fungal infection he has as well. He got an antibiotic pill to take twice a day for about a week. We also got six months worth of heartworm preventative medication. No major illnesses were detected.

We came home and gave Joey his heartworm medicine and his first antibiotic. Then we started cooking supper. We worked as a team in the kitchen to make cabbage and egg noodles. I get the egg noodles boiling in one pot, and in another pan I put olive oil and butter. MrB chopped some onions and we threw them in there with a bunch of minced garlic. After that had cooked a while, MrB threw in the thinly sliced cabbage. Once the noodles were finished he drained them, and after the other ingredients had cooked a little bit we added the noodles, salt, and pepper. We used tongs to toss it all together. It was yummy, and it makes enough for plenty of leftovers. For dessert we finished off the little carrot cake I had for my birthday.

We spent the evening watching football, and I spent some time reading things on the Internet.


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