Discount Wednesday

Bumblebee on the beautifully colored stonecrops.
Bumblebee on the beautifully colored stonecrops.

My birthday is rapidly approaching. I can’t stop it, so I might as well try to embrace it. I signed up for birthday freebies on a multitude of websites a few months ago, and now I’m getting to reap a few of the benefits.

I woke up at 7, and started the coffee. I woke MrB up at 8:30, and then I called my dad. We chatted for a bit, and I spent some time with MrB. He had the day off, so I was excited for quality time.

He took me to an appointment at 11, and after I was done at 12 we headed to Red Robin. I had a coupon for a free burger, and I agreed that for the next couple of days that I’ll use my birthday money to buy a couple meals out. I enjoyed a vegetarian burger and fries. Afterward we went to Yogurt Mountain where I had some cake batter flavored frozen yogurt with sprinkles. I did actually count everything in the Weight Watchers app.

We went to the car dealership for MrB to get the oil changed in his truck. A little later we drove to Dunkin Donuts where I enjoyed a free medium coffee. Then we headed home for a bit. We watched the news, and then decided to get back out of the house. We went to a tackle shop for BJ to pick up something for my stepdad, and then we headed to Jason’s Deli where I had a $5 off coupon. I was able to balance out the really bad food I had eaten earlier in the day with a nice, big salad for dinner. They also have the most amazing unsweetened black currant tea. I did sneak a little chocolate pudding into the meal. I can’t be good all the time!

After eating MrB wanted to look at a couple of stores to see if he could find a replacement for his shoes that are starting to fall apart. He didn’t have any luck. We headed over a mountain to go to the other side of town. It was a beautiful sight to look down upon the valley and the horizon as the sun gave up its last beautiful reddish-orange hues of the day. The town below us was lit in a variety of colored lights.

We went Walmart briefly so I could check to see if that store had any of the new Pioneer Woman pieces in stock. They didn’t have anything there, so we headed to Publix to get a couple things. We picked up a bag of dog food, some organic grapes (part of my birthday treat), and some unsweetened almond milk. So technically we paid more for the food than I’m counting. The dog food is counted separately, and I paid for the grapes with birthday money. The only thing I’m counting as a grocery purchase is the $2.50 for the almond milk.

We headed home, and opened the windows and deck door up to let the cool, crisp air filter in. We have screens on all the windows and the deck door. Great day with my best friend.


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