The Weekend

Saturday morning I woke up before my dad, but after MrB left for some early daylight fishing. I got the coffee going, and not too long after my dad woke up he ran to get us breakfast. I had Subway, and he had Hardee’s. We ate our breakfast, and watched some TV.

MrB came home from fishing, and we all watched some football. I cooked some pasta for us, and my dad decided he wanted a pizza. He’s not a big fan of pasta.

We watched our team win it’s football game, and before I knew it my dad had to leave to go home. It was a nice visit with him.

MrB had to go back to work on Sunday morning, so we went to bed early. I’d had no spending on groceries over the day.

This morning I forgot it was Sunday. It just didn’t seem like it was. I woke up about 6:30 and turned on the TV expecting to watch the news. Instead there were church shows on. I decided to watch a few shows I had on the DVR. The weather has been amazing, and we’ve kept the windows and deck door open. It has been so cool and breezy. I enjoyed some cheesy grits for breakfast, and sipped my coffee.

I was feeling a little fatigued, so I went to take a nap. Two hours later I woke up. I hadn’t meant to sleep that long, but I never sat an alarm. The weather has been so cool I feel a little like hibernating.

MrB got off work early in the day. This week is my birthday so I’m getting emails for free food that I signed up for months ago. I used some birthday money to pay for MrB’s late lunch, and enjoyed my free vegetarian club sandwich and slaw. They also had some yummy unsweet peach tea.

We had some store credit from a return at a home improvement store, and I had been researching an energy saving surge protector. I was looking for one that would turn off everything in my entertainment center, but the DVR. It needs to be on to record things. I had picked one out, and we went to see if they had one. Here is the one I picked. I’m hoping that it will help improve our electricity bill, at least a little anyway.


We needed a few grocery items, so we first stopped at the local produce market. We got a few fruits and some cabbage for $4.19. Then we went to Kroger where we got pasta sauce, yogurt, coffee creamer, and egg noodles for $12.08. Our grocery spending for the month so far has been $232.34. I may have to get creative on our meals to keep us within our $350 budget.

We came home, and I put some navy beans in the electronic pressure cooker. They had been soaking for a long time. We had eaten so late that we weren’t really too hungry. I ate a little, and so did MrB, but we had a little left over to eat later. He did some weed eating in the backyard.

The rest of our night will be quiet. More football is on TV, and it will be that way for months to come. Ha!


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