Thursday and Friday Roundup

This has been a busy week. My dad arrived at our house Thursday morning, and before MrB left for his closing shift at work, we ordered a pizza. I made MrB a PB&J sandwich for his lunch. For supper my dad ate leftover pizza, and I had leftover red lentil soup. My dad and I hung out and watched tv, and visited until I went to bed around 9, because we were waking up early on Friday

Friday was a long day. I woke up at 4am, and started some coffee. My dad woke up a little after I did, and I woke MrB up at 4:30. He got ready, and we packed up the truck and left.

Headed up Interstate 65 toward Nashville.
Headed up Interstate 65 toward Nashville.

I have been having a daily headache/migraine for 9 solid months, and I have exhausted all my medication options. I decided to go to Vanderbilt Medical Center to their Headache Clinic to see if they would be able to help me. After fighting the morning rush hour traffic, and navigating to a new place, we finally made it about an hour before my appointment time. The doctor has determined that I need Botox shots for my headaches. I sort of thought this was the direction we were heading. I will get multiple shots all along my eyebrows, and scalp going down to my neck. I was told that that it takes 3 sessions to start working, and each session is three months apart. I am hoping that it will start helping some before 9 more months.

After my appointment we headed a couple miles down the road to Trader Joes. It’s the closest one to our house, and they have a few things I love to buy. MrB loves their tea tree shampoo, so he bought a couple of those. I also found some liquid stevia to put in my drinks. Also they have this amazing oatmeal with triple berries and grains. It is so yummy, and I can’t find anything else like it anywhere. Also I cannot go to Trader Joe’s without buying banana chips. It’s odd because I don’t typically like bananas, but those banana chips are awesome! We spent $16.57 on groceries.

Afterwards we made a trek across town to Bass Pro Shop. Although MrB was exhausted, he will never pass up an opportunity to go. My dad had never been to the Nashville store. We left MrB in the fishing tackle, and walked around the store some. I love looking at their cast iron cooking pieces. I have a couple of Lodge cast iron pieces, and I love them. I got all the pieces I own as gifts. MrB couldn’t pass up a trip to a big fishing tackle store without buying something. Thankfully it wasn’t very expensive.

After shopping we went to a Mexican restaurant with some awesome food. We had this awesome dip for the chips, which was unlike anything I’ve ever had in a Mexican restaurant. I could’ve made a meal off that alone. They had strange art on the walls, I mean really strange. We asked the waitress about it, and she said the paintings were supposed to be based on nightmares and dreams that children had. I sort of doubt that children came up with some of those pictures. A few were risqué, and they all looked like the guy who painted them had done so while under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug. I ate half of my meal, and brought the rest home with me.

We headed home after eating. I wanted to meet up with some friends, but I knew how tired we all were, so I’ll meet up with them another time. We made the 2 hour trip home mostly in the rain. Finally a cool front!

When we got home, MrB couldn’t keep his eyes open so he went to take a nap. My dad and I watched some TV, and I read some. In the evening MrB and I ate some “chicken” vegetarian patties. My dad went to Hardee’s since he doesn’t really eat anything we have here.

After the rain passed, it was cool enough that we slept with our windows open. Such a treat!


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