Wednesday and the Retina Specialist

I had a rather busy day yesterday. I woke up around 6:30 and had some coffee and a bowl of cheese grits. MrB was already at work, and he had taken a PB&J sandwich.

I fed Denver, and then left for my first appointment of the day. I’ve been driving MrB’s truck when I go to appointments, because there is a problem with corrosion of the terminal on the battery of my car. It works a little better for him to drive my SUV to work than his truck, because mine gets better gas milage.

After my appointment I went home for a few minutes, and MrB got off work early to take me to the retina specialist. I have had a couple of eye exams this year. The first was due to a potential problem relate to migraines I’m having. That eye doctor didn’t see anything. A couple weeks ago I went to get an exam to get contacts. The eye doctor there said that she noticed some abnormalities of the retina in my left eye, so she referred me to a local retinal specialist.

At the specialist they did a few tests including numbing my eyes and touching an instrument to them to test for glaucoma. They put drops in my eyes to dilate them, and I have to say it worked more quickly and thoroughly than any dilation drops I’ve ever had. The doctor was kind, and did a detailed exam of my eyes. He told me that my retina is thin, and that I was born that way. Over time it makes me more likely to have a retinal detachment. A laser procedure can be done, but most people wait until they have a worsening of symptoms. The symptoms are floaters in your vision, flashes of light, and a curtain-like veil over the vision. Overall my eye health is good, which is very comforting to hear.

More eye exams.
More eye exams.

After the eye appointment, we were super hungry, so we decided to use our monthly eating out meal. We went to a local Mexican restaurant, and had some enchiladas. It was good, but I’m beginning to learn just how much better homemade food tastes. We spent about $18.

We got home before a thunderstorm hit. MrB brought in the pillows off our deck rocking chairs and the little glass top table that sits in between the rockers. He also moved my herb plants down to the deck off a higher spot. Thankfully the storm didn’t get too bad or last too long.

We spent part of our evening each looking at our own computers. I was listening to some podcasts. I snacked on some popcorn made from the air popper with a little coconut oil.

I went to bed a little before MrB at about 9:45.


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