Monday and My Thoughts on Homesteading

It was a peaceful Monday morning. I woke up about 6:30, and started the coffee. We used to have a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker that we got when we got married almost 10 years ago that had a feature to brew your coffee at a set time. The only thing I didn’t like is that it had an automatic feature to turn off that you couldn’t override. It is a good idea in theory, like in case you leave home and forget to turn the pot off, but for me as someone who likes to drink coffee at different times during the day it didn’t really work well. Our Mr Coffee coffeemaker died earlier this year, even though MrB worked on it. We replaced it with a “new” Bunn that we got off Craigslist for $50 (they’re normally a good bit higher). The only thing wrong with it is that the cover over the water tank is broken, and you have to make sure the lid doesn’t fall down when you’re getting the coffee ready. As soon as that water tank door closes, the coffee starts immediately making. It is very fast, and it has a separate switch to turn on the burner to keep the coffee warm.  It’s a pretty decent coffeemaker for the price.

I went out on the deck and sat for a while with my computer and a cup of coffee. The sun was up just enough for it to not be in my eyes (the chairs face to the east). It was pretty muggy even with my ceiling fan on, so I didn’t stay out too long. Maybe about 30 minutes.

Coffee on the deck.
Coffee on the deck.

For breakfast I had some granola with flax and pumpkin seeds. I poured some unsweetened vanilla almond milk over the top of it. It was delicious. It was the first time I had tried it. I spotted it at Costco, and it looked pretty delicious.

Lunch was a tomato sandwich. I used the bread I baked yesterday to make it. It was pretty good. I didn’t grow the tomato myself, because my garden hasn’t done too great. It looks like there might be a few more tomatoes that will grow before it’s all said and done with.

When MrB got home from work we went to the grocery store. I needed more almond milk. I go thru a lot of it, especially with my coffee. They had half gallon cartons at Kroger 2/$5. I went ahead and bought two. It would be nice if I could reduce my trips to the store. I bought new bags of unbleached all purpose flour and bread flour. I had in mind to buy a certain brand, but it was just not worth it price wise. I am planning on continuing to make our own breads, and I’m going to attempt tortillas and crackers. I ended up spending $19.53 at Kroger.  We went to Publix, and bought some dog food. I had a $4 off coupon for it.

After we got home I made a quick pasta meal. Just basic shell noodles and store bought sauce. We spent the evening watching some college football.

When it comes to thoughts of homesteading, this is a topic that I’m extremely interested in. If you look across the internet you will see a wide variety of ideas about homesteading, and what it really is. I tend to lean towards the idea of self-sufficiency being integral in homesteading.

I don’t think you have to own tons of animals or live on a 100 acres of land to be a homesteader. It is something that can be done anywhere, whether it be in an apartment in the city or a remote rural area.

My story of homesteading is sort of just beginning, but I’ve been studying all the aspects of it for over  decade. I’ve been reading information on the topics surrounding homesteading/self-sufficiency all this time. As far as my own personal journey is concerned, I’m coming around. I have been growing some of my own produce, making a few of my own cleaning products, cooking much as I can from scratch, and learning to budget properly so we can further our homesteading dreams.

Anyone can be more self-sufficient. I’m finding that starting slow is the best way. I do consider myself a homesteader (or really a homesteader in training). There are many skills I’d still like to learn like sewing.

Homesteading and self-sufficiency are comprised of many different things. Cooking, baking, growing food, preserving goods, making cleaning supplies, and a ton of other things.

I hope to share things with you all as I learn about them.


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