Family and Football

MrB went into work early, and I woke up a little before my dad did. We visited a little while, then he went to Subway to pick me up some breakfast, and Hardee’s for himself.

While he watched television, I did some embroidery and read some blogs. I find that I get way behind in my blog reading. I use the Feedly app on my MacBook to keep up with all my favorite blogs. Apparently I have too many, because I never can seem to catch up on them. I tend to get a little ADD when I’m online. I am so easily distracted that I’ll stop what I’m doing right when I’m in the middle of something, and go look at something else online. I do it all the time.

My favorite beverage! This is a dishtowel set.
My favorite beverage! This is a dishtowel set.

When MrB got off work, he picked up two pizzas that my dad bought for us to eat before the football game.

Football is a major deal in my household. Mainly college football, and to be more specific University of Alabama football. My dad and MrB are crazy about it. When it’s football season, that’s all that’s on the TV 24/7. I don’t mind too terribly bad because I grew up watching it. The game this week was against Wisconsin, and it started at 7.

I decided I’d make a little treat in the kitchen while the guys were watching their game. I had a box of cinnamon apple muffin mix, and I thought I’d try it out. I don’t usually keep regular milk in the house, but I had some unsweetened vanilla almond milk in the fridge, so I used that in the recipe. I have to say they turned out pretty good. I’m going to try from now on though to make mine from scratch.


We’ve been cleaning out the garage, and we’re finding some great things. One thing was a bag full of cloth napkins I had gotten at the thrift store a long time ago. They still had tags on them. I put them in the washing machine, and now we have some great cloth napkins.

We also found a bag full of bras. I had a breast reduction in 2006, and those bras were hardly ever used. I’m putting them up on eBay to sell. If I don’t sell them on there, then I’m going to post them on some groups on Facebook.

We found an old pair of nursing clogs that I never wore. They didn’t really fit me, and for some reason they are a size smaller than what I wear. These clogs are white, with little smiley faces that had nursing hats on them. I put them on eBay, and I quickly sold them for $25!

I’ve got plans to do a lot of decluttering. We are pack rats, and it’s almost overwhelming to try to get thru all the clutter. I have a spare bedroom that I’ve always called my “craft room”, but it’s really been a catch-all for all the junk in the house. My goal is to get it cleaned before Christmas time. I really want to put a chair in there and read. I also want to put my herbs on a folding table by the window, so it’ll get some nice sunshine in the afternoons. We’ll see if I can get it clean!


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