Out On the Deck and a Visitor

Yesterday morning, before the sun was to bright and hot in the sky, I decided to sit out on the deck. I sat out there drinking coffee after making a batch of cranberry orange muffins. MrB was still asleep, and I was enjoying muffins and coffee. There were hummingbirds coming to the feeder making a little noise. It was rather quiet and peaceful out there. You can hear some road noise from my house, but it’s not enough to be a nuisance. I was enjoying the little noises that the hummingbirds were making. By the time MrB got up the sun was becoming a little too bright in my eyes, and the humidity was soaring, so I went inside.

Cranberry orange muffins.
Cranberry orange muffins.

MrB went to work in the early afternoon. He ate leftover spinach tortellini soup, and I had leftover egg noodle and cabbage for lunch. He took a can of beans with him and some of the muffins for his lunch. He wrote me later that night sad that he didn’t have a bowl, so instead of buying a cheap bowl from Dollar General, he decided to eat out. He told me he never thought about buying a bowl to keep at work. We’re still learning and growing in our frugality. He is not in full on mindset to be frugal when he’s at work.

I took a nap, and then did my yoga routine. Later in the afternoon, my dad came to visit. He’ll be here a couple of days.

We went to a Mexican restaurant for supper, his treat, and then he came with me to Hobby Lobby. I was looking for a clearance apron with a stamped embroidery rooster on it to make my mother-in-law for Christmas. I was afraid it would be gone, and it was. So I decided to start small, and start trying to make dish towels, and work my way up to more difficult items. I have made a few stamped cross stitch and embroidery items in the past, but not a lot. It’s also been a long time since I’ve done it. I am going to start out with something we might use here at home which are some coffee hand towels. I think they’re pretty, and I finished a small section of one last night.

Coffee...a wonderful thing.
Coffee…a wonderful thing.

We watched some football on tv, and I worked on my embroidery project. I actually stayed awake until MrB came home. I went to sleep not long after though.


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