September 1st Shopping

In order to get this month started out right, I needed to do some grocery shopping. I  already had a few items in my pantry to help create some delicious meals, but I needed some extra items to complete the recipes.

I went on Pinterest, and created a secret board specifically for my week’s menu. That way I could look specifically at each item I’m planning on making during the next week or so. I used my grocery list/pantry inventory app called Out Of Milk. I use it on my iPhone, but I saw there is an app with the same name on Android. I made a list for the three stores I was going to.

I first stopped at the little farmer’s market store by my house. I was able to get 3 tomatoes, two potatoes, a large bell pepper, a large head of cabbage, and two yellow onions for $9.38. A little pricey, but I’m trying to support local business. I always try to support local business when I can.

My next stop was to a little produce store that I frequent. I love looking at all their selections of food. They have bulk bins where I like to get my popcorn for snacking. I also bought some black beans to make a black bean soup. I found some amazing apples that were homegrown, and didn’t have any wax on them. I picked up a small basket of them. I found a lot of other good things to add to my recipes. I ended up spending $30.27 there

Look at the cute baby bananas.
Look at the cute baby bananas. I didn’t buy any. They’d just tease MrB.

My final stop was to Kroger. I found some nicely priced organic grapes that were on sale for $1.89/lb. I bought a 2lb bag, because I eat a ton of grapes in the evening when I get a craving for a snack. I took my time, and tried to stick to my shopping list. I did get a couple of things that weren’t on the list. I spent $73.86 there.

I had MrB stop at the farmer’s market to buy some eggs. That was $3.17 for a dozen of farm fresh eggs. I didn’t want to buy them myself earlier, because I’d be going to other stores.

I’m hoping to make it over a week on the things I bought. I spent a total of $116.68 of our $350 budget.

When I got home MrB was home from work. He helped me unload the car, and we put the groceries up. I was pretty hungry because I’d eaten lunch a little early. We made Egg Noodles and Cabbage. It was great, and it made a ton of food. There will be plenty for several servings of leftovers, and for MrB to take to work for lunch.

I’m making slow strides in the movement toward self-sufficiency. The first step is learning to prepare as much as I can from scratch. I am reading a lot of things online about self reliance, and I am craving as much knowledge as I can. I do this in hopes that I can improve every aspect of our lives to make us healthier, and help us save money for our goals.


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