August Roundup

Budget Challenge

We made it to the end of August. The last day of August was great, and I am calling our Grocery Budget Challenge a success.

This is our first month of trying to cook at home. We went from spending around $500 a month on groceries alone and $300 a month on eating out to spending $351.64 on groceries and $31.81 on eating out. I went only $1.64 over on the grocery budget, and I’m shocked that we’ve done so well. I’m hoping to do just as well, if not better for September. My plan is to spend no more than $25 on eating out.

Although we didn’t hit the target this month on the budget, we came pretty close. Since we are just starting out on a mission for lowering grocery spending, and cutting back on eating out I have to say that I think this month has been a resounding success. We ended up saving about $300 that can be used to prepare for future plans.

What things can I do better? I think that preparing for plenty of meals for each week that create enough leftovers for MrB to take for his lunch is important. We’ve had some days where we were scrambling for throwing together a meal with what we could find in the pantry. Creating a menu that works for the whole week will be vital in keeping us sane and full.

My method of coming up with menus is to go on Pinterest, and look for things that look like they are simple and filling. I’m also looking for a great bread recipe that will be the perfect size for MrB’s sandwiches for his work lunches. So far, all of the loaves have created short slices.


We are spending more time than in the past looking into what our goals are, and how to accomplish them. Some of our short term goals are to buy new tires for my car (the car was bought in 2011, and hasn’t needed any tires until now), build up at least a month’s worth of savings, and possibly go on a short day trip to celebrate our anniversary next month.

Long term goals are to build a small home on at least a few acres of land a little further out into the country and work toward an earlier retirement.

I hope to work with MrB to create even more goals both short and long term. I think we’re off to a great start.

I have some personal goals to work on here at home. They include decluttering, learning to cook more meals from scratch, learning to make my own cleaners (and actually using them), reading more books, and building up an exercise habit.

Pretty morning glory that is climbing up my front steps. Pretty but invasive.
Pretty morning glory that is climbing up my front steps. Pretty but invasive.

August 31

I woke up about 6:30 and had some coffee. Monday is my weigh-in day for Weight Watchers. This week I had lost 3.2 pounds, brining me up to a total of 50 pounds lost so far! I’m so excited, and I’m hoping that with exercise it will start coming off faster. At 8:30 I went to the podiatrist across town. I had foot surgery in June, and I’ve been waiting for the day when he would say I was finished with my checkup visits. My doctor said that he was releasing me, and that I was cleared to start walking.

After my appointment I picked up my year’s worth of contacts, and then dropped a library book off in the drop off box in front of the closest library. Once I arrived home I was ready for a late breakfast. I made scrambled eggs and cheesy grits. Lunch was a microwave meal.

In the afternoon, MrB and I went to a park at the river where we walked a little bit. He did some fishing, and I talked on the phone with my dad. We came home and I ate some soup that I had taken out of the freezer. I had made this soup a couple months ago. MrB had cheese and crackers. He wasn’t in the mood for soup.

We spent the evening watching a little tv. We were both feeling fatigued so we went to bed super early.


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