Sunday With the In-Laws

It was a somewhat rainy morning on Sunday. I woke up around 7, and MrB woke up around 8. We ate leftover chai spice cake for breakfast. We brought water on the road with us.

We stopped to pick up a door for my in-laws, because someone had broken one of their side entry doors. MrB got a good deal on a door for his parents, and we were able to quickly swing by and pick it up.

Our drive there was rainy, and we learned halfway there that his mother had no way to fix lunch for us. My in-laws are replacing the flooring in their kitchen, and there was no stove hooked up to cook. Thankfully MrB had some leftover birthday money to buy us a little lunch.

We finally made it to their house just about the time the rain was ending. My mother-in-law wasn’t kidding about the kitchen being torn apart. Some things wee on the porch, and the rest was in the living room. Even the kitchen island was on the porch.

We visited with them for a few hours, and then headed on our way home. We were hungry when we got here. I haven’t totally learned how to prepare our pantry to make it thru the month. Since this is the first month of our “Grocery Budget Challenge”, we’re still learning how to make it work. We had some tortillas left over from the Mexican casserole the other day. We had some soy crumbles (they have a consistency of ground beef). So I threw the frozen soy crumbles in a skillet, added diced tomatoes with chiles, drained black beans, and a lot of cumin and chili powder. We warmed the corn tortillas. I put a little cheese on top of the tortillas, spooned in some of the mixture, and added some sour cream. It turned out amazing. We were so hungry we didn’t even get a picture of our food.

Although we spent some cash on lunch, we overall did well yesterday. We’re closing in on the end of the month. I’ll be updating soon on the results of our first month of the budget challenge. I’ll also talk about what our goals are, and how we plan to get there.


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