Busted on Thursday

Yesterday we went over our budget for the Grocery Challenge. It’s only a $1.64 over our $350 budget, but I am not too disappointed. This is a learning process. We may still have to buy a couple of things from the grocery store before the month is over. Yesterday MrB bought grapes and peanut butter.

I had eggs for breakfast and ate a salad with my homemade garlic dressing for lunch. MrB got his lunch from some tips he made at work.

I started dinner at noon. I made a layered vegetable casserole. I used my food processor to slice potatoes and zucchini. In a bowl I mixed frozen corn, frozen peas, cut up baby carrots, homemade Italian seasoning, salt, pepper, and a can of tomato sauce. I put layers of potatoes, then zucchini, then the vegetables from the bowl, and topped with Mexican cheese.

Here's our dinner for the night.
Here’s our dinner for the night.

I also started a batch of Weight Watchers 2 point bread. It made some pretty tasty bread. It’s a very simple recipe. I mixed bread flour and whole wheat flour along with sugar, salt, and yeast. I put it in my mixer and it combined with the regular beater blade. Then I put on the dough hook and slowly added in olive oil and warm water. I let it mix for 2 minutes, and then put it in a greased bowl to rise for 2 hours. Then I punched it down and kneaded a couple of times. I put it in my silicone bread pan, and let it rise for a fairly good while. It baked in a 350 degree oven for 40 minutes. I took it out of the pan, and let it rest for a while on a rack. MrB cut it for me. He has the best slicing skills, so I usually let him cut up veggies if we’re working together on a meal.

Bread dough in the process of rising.
Bread dough in the process of rising.

MrB found a Cuisinart immersion blender on sale at Kohl’s, and was able to find a coupon code online to order it for $31. We went to pick it up, and he found a pair of shorts. He is in desperate need for new shorts. Almost every pair he owns is falling apart. He spent $14 on them. Not our most frugal day, but we got things we needed.


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