Monday With Mama

MrB and I woke up yesterday morning at 4am, packed up the car, and headed to my mom’s house. We were armed with drinks and lemon poppyseed muffins I had baked the night before.

MrB went fishing with my stepfather, and I spent the day with my mom. We enjoyed some fresh cantaloupe, and coffee. We did a workout to my yoga DVD that I’ve been regularly using.

My mom tried out a new recipe that she had found online. It was a vegetable quiche with a riced cauliflower crust. The crust was made with by putting cauliflower in a food processor and pulsing it until it resembles fine crumbs (this can also be done using a grater). To the cauliflower, a cup of canned coconut milk, eggs, and red pepper were added. It made two pie crusts, and as those were baking we prepared the filling. 10 eggs, and since the recipe wasn’t specific, my mom used a ton of different vegetables. Tomato, bell peppers, yellow squash, carrots, onions, and minced garlic. She added salt, pepper, and a little red pepper. After the crusts began to brown, they were taken out and the filling was added. Then she also put together a bunch of veggies, vegetable broth, pasta sauce, and small pasta shells. It all turned out great, and I may try it myself sometime.

The view from my mom's back deck.
The view from my mom’s back deck.

We spent the afternoon visiting, and we found out that the temperatures were almost fall like outside. We went out on the back deck and enjoyed the sunshine and cool breeze. My mom loves plants, and she always does a great job on them.

Some of my mom's plants.
Some of my mom’s plants.
More plants with the Tennessee River in the background.
More plants with the Tennessee River in the background.

My mom gave me a little present, it was an 8×10 enlargement of the photo MrB took of the butterfly the other day. I was impressed that a picture taken on a phone could enlarge so nicely. We put it on the mantle so we could enjoy looking at it.

MrB and my stepfather arrived back from fishing, and MrB enjoyed the leftovers of the food we’d had earlier. We headed home, and after we got home I enjoyed some leftover egg noodles and cabbage. MrB cut the grass in the back yard even though it was pretty much dark.

We spent nothing on food yesterday, so we’re still on track!


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