Tight Grocery Budget

Yesterday, MrBalentine and I did a little grocery shopping. I had armed myself with recipes I want to do this week. Thankfully we had some of the ingredients at the house already. I knew that we were getting closer to the $350 mark for groceries for the month. I’m proud to say, that we’re still within our budget.

We first went to Big Lots to compare some prices. MrB has been doing a lot of the shopping since I had foot surgery, and was a little more familiar with the prices. My first job besides babysitting was working at Big Lots. I furnished most of my first apartment with things from there. I was hoping that we would find some bargains on a few food items on my list. It turns out the only things we really thought were cheaper than Kroger were a jar of salsa, and a jar of pizza sauce. Spending there was $3.77

Next we went to Costco. I’ve got several Mexican dishes on my menu for next week, and I wanted to get a block of cheddar cheese that I could grate up. I have a FoodSaver to seal the cheese if I don’t use it all right away. One large block of cheese cost $5.44. We did find some reasonably priced coconut oil in a large container that I will buy next month. I use it for several things including cooking, putting on my air popped popcorn, and I’m wanting to try it for health uses too.

Then it was off to Kroger. We got the majority of our items from the list there. Their house brands are hard to beat price wise. I stuck to my list completely, which I was proud of. We bought dog food, which we will not be counting in our monthly budget. It was $16.38 for a 15 pound bag of dog food, but we had a $2.00 off coupon. Our total at Kroger minus the dog food was $31.42

Finally we made a quick stop at the small farmer’s market store by the house to buy some more eggs. They were $3.17 (they charge tax), and we finally headed home.

As of yesterday our grocery spending for the month is $336.86. We’re so close to the end of August. I’m still hoping that with some homemade meals, and trying to cut back on the amounts of food we eat, that we can make the $350 goal.

Dinner was a wonderful stir-fry. I made a pan of quinoa and wild rice. MrB took care of the vegetables. I meant to take a picture, but we gobbled it up before I remembered.


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