Vacation Day 2

Although the skies have been gray most of the day, it hasn’t dampened my spirits. I woke up a couple hours before MrB. I had a breakfast of scrambled eggs and veggie sausage. I soaked some dried navy beans last night, and we put them in our electric pressure cooker with some vegetable broth. My vegetable scrap bag in the freezer is now full, so I will be making vegetable stock soon. The beans took about an hour to cook. I got some fresh thyme to add to mine as an experiment. The beans were great.

Cooking Beans
Beans at the end of the cooking process.
Navy Beans
Navy Beans

MrB. and I decided to buy a few groceries at local stores today, and at Kroger tomorrow. The rationale behind this was for the Kroger fuel rewards points that you get when you use your customer shopper card. On Friday thru Sunday you get double the points.

I pulled out a few recipes that I wanted to try for the upcoming days. Hopefully I can get enough made that I won’t have to spend too much more on groceries, and in the end keep us within budget.

MrB. took this picture of a tiger swallowtail butterfly on our stonecrop plants in our front flowerbed.
MrB. took this picture of a tiger swallowtail butterfly on our stonecrop plants in our front flowerbed.

Our first stop was to a little farmer’s market store near our house. It recently opened, and I hope it does well. It will be my source of farm fresh eggs for as long as I can get them. There we bought a few things there that were on my list including something that wasn’t on my list that I’m totally wanting to cook, a spaghetti squash. We spent $12 there.

The next stop was our local health food/produce store that is run by a group of Seventh-day Adventists. They close for the Sabbath at 3pm on Friday, and they’re closed on Saturdays. We usually frequent the bulk bins for beans, popcorn, and grains. They have a lovely produce selection, and my favorite is the sale table at the back. We spent $25.05 there, bringing our food spending this month so far to $293.56. I’m not totally sure if we’ll stay completely in budget. Tomorrow will be the true test.

After getting the groceries all situated, and spending some time hanging out, MrB went to fish an afternoon tournament with a friend of his. He took his boat, because his buddy’s boat broke down the other day. It’s hard to keep that man off the river. He loves it so much.

I plan on eating a salad for dinner. I made a dressing from scratch today that I picked up from Good Old Days Farm blog called Olive Oil and Garlic Salad Dressing. I mixed up some olive oil, salt, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, and whole leaf parsley in my blender until it was smooth. I popped it in the fridge.

Garlic and Olive Oil Dressing.
Garlic and Olive Oil Dressing.
Joey shows his opinion on things.
Joey shows his opinion on things.

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