No So Frugal Tuesday

Yesterday MrBalentine bought a couple things from the store. He got a 2 pound bag of coffee beans from Costco for $13.61. Hopefully this will last us a little while. When he was on his way home from work he bought almond milk, creamer, and some grapes. That total was $11.06 making the monthly grocery spending $267.77.

Today was the first day of MrB’s vacation. He slept in late while I drank coffee, and did some reading. I ate peaches and cream oatmeal for breakfast. I would like to make my own blends of oatmeal to cut down on the packs I’m buying. Convenience equals cash. Sometimes those convenience foods don’t even keep us full as long. Take for instance our lunch. We had vegetarian corn dogs, 2 each, and an hour later we were hungry.

The rain poured from the sky, but I didn’t let it dampen my spirits. MrB suggested that I go ahead and get an eye exam. One of my contacts had gotten a hole in it, and I didn’t have any more. I wear my glasses a lot, but I really prefer to wear contacts. We set up an appointment, and I went there at 3. It turns out I have some sort of deterioration in my eye that is going to require a retinal specialist. For this appointment I had to pay $99, and I will be going back in a couple weeks for a contact evaluation. At that time I’ll buy my contacts, which aren’t too cheap. I’m also not looking forward to going to a retina specialist. More medical bills.

Getting those eyes checked out.
Getting those eyes checked out.

MrB and I have no credit cards. I’m proud of that fact. We do however have some debts, mostly medical, our home, and MrB’s truck. Our efforts to save money are not only for paying off those debts, but to make our daily lives more secure. We have a baby emergency fund saved up, but I’m wanting to fully fund for several months worth of living expenses. It is possible to tackle both our debt, and save for our goals. It just takes perseverance. I’m saying all this not only for anyone reading, but to remind myself of where I’m going.

I reserved a copy of “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day” at the library. I got an email this morning saying it was ready for me to pick up. I was totally excited, and I love reserving things at the library. My library puts books on hold on a bookcase by the door. There is a computerized self checkout kiosk, so you can run right in and get right out. I can’t wait to start reading it.

"Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day"
“Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day”

MrB and I were starving after my eye appointment, and although we had only planned out for one out of house eating event for the month, only I had eaten out. I had originally put $25 in the eating out budget, and I had spent $10. We had a buy one, get one free meal at Chipotle. We decided we would have one meal out for his vacation. We spent $7.09 for a meal for both of us and waters.

After our meal we drove home in very heavy rain, and once we got home I did my yoga routine. We’re spending the rest of the evening watching a little tv and reading.

I’m going to also start going through some recipes to plan another shopping trip to the grocery store. I’m planning on getting plenty of supplies to make as many meals from scratch as possible. Pinterest will be one of my best friends for the task of finding recipes.


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