Day By Day Improvement

I’m pretty pleased with our grocery/food spending so far for the month. All our meals have been at home or brought from home.

MrBalentine will have to buy some coffee and almond milk today. We decided to start buying coffee from Costco, because it’s really the best deal since we (mostly I) drink so much. The almond milk will come from Kroger. I use it instead of creamer in my coffee, but MrB uses creamer in his coffee. We buy coffee beans and grind them. We have decaf coffee that we occasionally drink, but we buy ground decaf.

MrB took leftover pasta yesterday for his work lunch, and today he used my homemade bread to make a PB&J. I ate leftover pasta twice yesterday, and had some crackers for snacks. I finished off those pesky crackers this morning instead of eating a normal breakfast. MrB grilled some vegetarian burgers for our early lunch. I will be eating a microwave meal for supper. My hope is to eventually get away from these convenience foods. I’d like to make more freezer ready meals from scratch. This will in the end help make it even easier to reach our $350/mo grocery budget.

Tomorrow starts MrB’s vacation! We don’t have any special plans, but we’re looking forward to some time together. I’m hoping we stick to our budget by making meals to take with us when we go out places. It looks like the forecast is for lots of rainy weather, so I’m not sure what we’ll be doing.

I am continuing with my yoga, which is giving me some extra energy to get things done. I do a gentle yoga, which for me is important. I have a great DVD that I’m using, and for now I’m doing 35 minute sessions. I’m still recovering from foot surgery, and have been sedentary for a long time. The yoga instructor says it perfectly “the snail wins the race, not just the tortoise, but the snail in yoga wins the race.”


2 thoughts on “Day By Day Improvement

  1. Buy coffee in bulk if you’re a heavy drinker like me. If you love a certain snack, also buy in bulk. That’s how we were able to stay within our 300$ budget. We also coupon for other household items (toilet paper, detergent). CVs, Walgreens and RiteAid are really good on sales (sales + manufacturer coupon = GREAT DEAL). I subscribe to KRAZY COUPON LADY’s blog, which allows me to see all the sales going on.

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