Bread and a Rainy Monday

Yesterday I started a loaf of 90-minute Man bread. I love how easy it is. I use my trusty Kitchenaid stand mixer that I got for Christmas several years ago. With the dough hook doing the bulk of the work on the kneading, it makes it so simple. The dough hook works for 10 minutes on a medium speed. Then the bowl is covered for 30 minutes for the first rise.

After first rise.
Before the first rise.

It turned out pretty well, but in order to make proper sandwiches I’ll need to shape it in a way that will make larger slices.

MrB slicing some piping hot bread.
MrB slicing some piping hot bread.

We couldn’t help but try a slice, and it was yummy. We had pasta for supper with added fresh basil from the deck, and I also added a little oregano to the sauce.

Rain was pouring from the sky as I woke up this morning. It was perfect weather to curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee, and read some things online.

I’m making progress with my weight loss. I lost another 2.6 pounds this week. That takes me up to 46 pounds lost. I am so pumped that I’m getting close to the 50 pound mark! I am sore in my muscles from doing yoga yesterday. I plan on doing the same routine today.

I downloaded an app called Productive, that helps you set up habits. You set up the goals you want to accomplish (you only get 3 goals with the free app, and to upgrade costs $3.99 for unlimited goals). I’m trying to set up some goals that will help me not feel so overwhelmed when it comes to different facets of housework. You can pick from preset habits to be reminded of, or write your own. You can set when to be reminded, and then as you do your tasks you select it. You can keep up with your progress. I’m going to start with a few habits, and possibly upgrade if I like the app. I have to have an exceptional experience with an app in order to spend money to upgrade it.

Later today I’m going to write a post on the ways I’m currently frugal, and my plans to further the frugality to help fund our dreams.


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