Lessons Learned

This morning I went downstairs to see my garden. This is a big deal to me, because it was the first time this whole growing season that I’ve actually been able to walk down the stairs to get to the garden. Up until this point I had been simply looking at it from the deck. MrBalentine was the one to set up everything and plant it for me. We had four straw bales in a row with the soaker hose laying right under a layer of soil. The soaker hose is on a timer that comes on twice a day. Since this is our first year doing this, I think we have some things to learn about how to do this next year.

Next year, I plan on getting more bales, and spreading the plants out further. At this point the plants are crowding each other out, two of the bales have pretty much disintegrated into almost nothing. We will need a larger weed barrier, because the fertilizer we use drains out onto the surrounding grass making it grow quickly. I picked some lettuce and cherry tomatoes while I was at the garden. I have some butternut squash that I’m leaving on the vine until September. I think there is some cucumber growing for MrB. There are a ton of cherry tomatoes on the vines, but many have been eaten by insects.

I drank coffee, ate scrambled eggs, and watched the hummingbirds fly around my feeder on the deck. This time of year they are an almost constant visitor of our feeder. I used to have several, and I may hang another one up before the year is up. I have a couple feeders that I’ve used in the past. We boil up our own sugar water and keep it in a Mason jar in the fridge.

I had intended to use the lettuce I picked to make a salad for lunch. I thought some boiled eggs would go perfectly on it. I started the eggs boiling, and then I tasted the lettuce. Yuck!! It had bolted, and the lettuce was bitter. I had waited too long to pick it. I waited for the eggs to finish boiling, and I decided to make an egg salad sandwich instead. I cut up the eggs, added some mayo, dill, and paprika. Not what I had expected for lunch, but it was satisfying.

I’ll update more tomorrow.


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