Friday With the Hubby

Today MrBalentine was off work, so he went fishing early this morning. He went with a buddy in his buddy’s boat. He was home around 11am. While he was gone I drank some coffee, and read some blogs. I had some peaches and cream oatmeal for breakfast. After MrBalentine got home we ate leftovers from our enchilada orzo. One crockpot of it made 6 servings for us. It is a pretty economical meal.

The other day MrB had broken one of his fishing rods, and to get a replacement we needed to drive about an hour and a half to a little town with a small tackle shop. I knew it would be a scenic drive, so I decided to tag along.

A field near our home, with a mountain in the distance.
A field near our home, with a mountain in the distance.

We stopped at a gas station to buy something to drink. I’m really hoping we can plan ahead in the future, so that we don’t spend money on drinks. We arrived in the quaint little town, and it didn’t take long to find the tackle shop. MrB went in, and before I knew it he was coming back out with a new fishing rod. He used some of his leftover birthday money to pay the replacement fee. The Tennessee River was looking lovely today.

The beautiful Tennessee River.
The beautiful Tennessee River.
Heading home.
Heading home.

We had corn on the cob and vegetarian burgers for dinner. After we ate MrB went to get gas in the car with a coupon he had, and he also picked up a few grocery items. Our current spending on groceries for the month is at $243. Tomorrow I have plans on baking a few things and cleaning the house some. I’d like to write more about in what ways we’re working to save for our future.


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