More Family Visiting and Grocery Shopping

Yesterday MrBalentine and I went on a trip to see his parents. We got a treat while we were there of seeing our niece and 3 nephews. I always love seeing them. Our little niece has just turned two, and although she’s hitting some of the terrible twos traits she’s still just as cute as can be. I love listening to toddlers try to say new words. She stumbled over my name.

My mother-in-law is a wonderful cook, and she had made a meal for us. She has a hard time wrapping her head around our vegetarianism. She cooked beans with a beef bullion cube, so we weren’t able to eat the beans. So we were able to eat fried squash, fried okra, coleslaw, and cornbread. It was so good! Got to love down home southern food. I hope to be the cook someday that my mother-in-law is.

We visited for a few hours, and then headed home. MrBalentine was exhausted because he had closed at work the night before, and then woke up before dawn to go fishing. He took a young man fishing who is trying to learn more about how to do it properly. The poor guy only caught a catfish, but I guess that was better than nothing. MrBalentine caught a few bass, including another one that had been tagged by the government for monitoring.

We spent a couple dollars on drinks on the way there and back, still something to work on.

MrBalentine was off work again today. We spent most of the day at home. Breakfast was grits and vegetarian sausage. Lunch was vegetarian pizza burgers and corn on the cob. In the later afternoon we went a few places to get groceries and some fresh produce. In total we spent $87.23. We got quiet a bit of things, and hopefully won’t need to much for at least the rest of the week. I think we’ll need to go back for dog food, but I’m looking for a coupon for it. We used a few coupons today, took advantage of some buy one, get one deals, and shopped from a local produce store. Dinner was pasta, and for dessert was honeydew melon.

So far this month we’ve spent $201.93 of our $350 budget. I sure hope we can do it. I’m going to dig deeper, and come up with meals. I have a few meals planned. I’ll discuss them as I make them each day.

Joey looks a little concerned that he's going to be left home alone while mommy and daddy go shopping.
Joey looks a little concerned that he’s going to be left home alone while mommy and daddy go shopping.

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