My Dreams

MrBalentine and I are fairly consistent on our goals. Our food budget challenge is just a start. We’ve already funded a baby emergency fund, but I’m hoping to work our way up to several months worth of funds.

I’m challenging us in as many ways as possible. I’m working on getting our electric bill down. We’ve switched to mostly LED lightbulbs, except in our living room ceiling fan. Those bulbs are a little more pricey. I have an awesome little device called a Kill-a-watt. You plug it in, and plug in whatever appliance you want to know the amount it costs you to run it. You can find it here. I’m lucky that I can monitor my electric meter readings on the electric company’s website. If I’m really serious about monitoring my electric usage, I can look at the last month’s meter reading. Then I can see where I’m currently at. That gives me an idea of what the next bill is going to look like. I haven’t done this in a while, but I’m thinking of getting super serious about it. I want to have our a/c unit inspected to see if it’s running properly. It seems to run all the time. It is a hot summer here, but still I think it runs too much. We installed a programmable thermostat a few years ago. For the summer I have the nighttime temperature set for 74, it transitions during the day up to 79, and then transitions back down for the nighttime temp.

We have a long term goal that I love to spend time dreaming of.  We want to buy some land a little further out in the country from where we are. I’d love a few acres with some privacy. We want to build a small home, and downsize from our current home. Right now we live in a house that’s slightly over 2,000 sq. ft. I do like my house, and there’s some features I love about it but there’s not enough privacy. There’s also no need for us to have so much space. We will not be having children, so we don’t need many extra rooms. The only things I have to really have are at least two toilets, and a separated master suite. We actually have a front door for the house that we’re saving for the special day that we get to put it on a home that we build. Sometime soon I’ll drag it out, and take a picture to share.

On the outside of our home, I want to keep a few animals. Chickens and maybe some ducks. I’d like to have a big garden that I can grow a lot of food. I’m hoping to learn to can foods, so I can preserve them.

I have so many ideas for the future, and I look forward to see what comes.


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