Visiting Dad

My dad got to my house yesterday afternoon. He spent the night, and he woke up a little after I did while MrBalentine was sleeping in. My dad went to Subway and bought us breakfast sandwiches. My dad and I spent most of the day visiting.

I did my seated yoga routine while my dad was out getting our breakfast. Tomorrow I’m going to move to the next level, and do an energizing seated session. Each one takes about 30 minutes.

I have a ton of cherry tomatoes in my garden, and so far one beefsteak tomato. I am going to dry some more of them, use some in soup, and maybe use some in salads. I sliced up the beefsteak tomato, and made a tomato sandwich. I used a hamburger bun, a little mayo, and two slices of tomato. It was so yummy!

Tomato bounty!
Tomato bounty!

Today’s grocery spending was nada. I had some leftover pizza earlier in the day, and then vegetarian “chicken” patties for supper.


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